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Following his Making Mods with PS4 Cheater Tutorial, PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE announced via Twitter he's updated his YouTube Channel today with a guide on handling PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) game updates containing a mismatched Title ID / Region Patch. :geek:

This comes proceeding How to Get / Merge PS4 Game PKG Updates, Adding PS4 Game Updates in Packages, a PS4 PKG Repackager for Fake Updates, Dumping PS4 DLC, Game Updates & Themes, How to Build PS4 Game & Separate Update FPKGs, Repacking PS4 Game Updates Manually by Hand, a PS4 Fake PKG Update Repackager Script and How to Change PS4 DLC Region for FPKG Games Tutorial for those who missed them.

Updating a Fake PKG Game with a Mismatched Title ID/Region Patch

How to update a game using a patch designed for a different Title ID or Region.
Summary of the steps in the video by Pacm9n:
  • Extract all the files / folders from the update into CUSAxxxxx-patch.
  • Copy the Sc0 contents to Image0/sce_sys. Delete the Sc0 folder, then move the contents of Image0 to CUSAxxxxx-patch. Delete the Image0 folder.
  • Replace the update's param.sfo with the one from the original game
  • Edit this param.sfo in the following way: Go down to around 300h, and change the version to the version of the update (ex: 01.00 to 01.22)
  • Change gd to gp
  • Save it (and also copy it to a safe place to use later after we generate the .gp4 file)
  • Change the CUSA ID in the nptitle.dat to that of the original game.
  • Create the project file (the .gp4) with gengp4.exe (click Generate .GP4)
  • Then, click the GP4 tab and change "pkg_ps4_app" to "pkg_ps4_patch" and "digital50" to "digital25"
  • Save the file (click Save .GP4)
  • Copy the saved param.sfo from earlier and overwrite the one in the patch folder (this is because gengp4 has changed the edited values back to the original ones)
  • Create a new update package with orbis-pub-gen.exe.
  • Click Command -> Project Setting -> Package: Make sure Storage Type says 25GB
  • Build the package in the usual way.
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PS4 FPKG Game Updates with Mismatched Title ID  Region Patch Guide.jpg



Senior Member
amazing! Does this work with installed games and when I dont have the fpkg anymore on my computer? I mean can I transfer the sfo file from the internal HDD of the Ps4 to my computer via ftp and then patch the update file?


Senior Member
@moh86 you will need the fpkg on your PC
a little tip is to have your base patch folder called "CUSAXXX-patch" this way GenGp4 will generate a proper patch gp4 and wont alter your sfo or need editing at the end

I forgot to add, I've done a few of these and most of the probs you will get is missing languages cos they all have Eng default but have different languages in the updates, German is hard to find in any other cusa bar its proper version but you will find french on a lot of US versions so if your not native to Eng you might have a prob with this


Senior Member
I would say for a USA game, using a EUR update that has English with this method, it's very doable! As long as you don't mix regular with GOTY or other special editions it should work.

Can we use the latest FPG 3.38 with this method? (he said we couldn't, maybe the latest one is too strict?). I will try them both.

Thanx Modded Warfare, love your videos :)


Senior Member
tnx modded warfare.. i hope next is how to update game using retail. haha. im still looking for update on skyrim 1.09.