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Proceeding Hippie68's PS4 Dump Scripts, CyB1K's PS4 Fake PKG Tools 3.87 V5 update and his PPSA PS4 DLC Unlocker modification PS4Scene developer @codemasterv (aka @mogicodemasterv) let us know he recently updated his Github repository with an FPKG Maker GUI for PlayStation 4 Base Game / Patch / DLC / Keystone files via PS4 FPKG Tools alongside a demo video of it in action. 🤩

Download: fPKG_Maker_GUI_v1.1.0 (Latest Version) / / GIT

It currently supports CUSA, STRN, SNES, HMBW, SLUS and NPSX Title ID prefixes and can dump any running app / PSXtoFPKG / PS2toFPKG / STRNtoFPKG / Homebrew / NPSX with some brief usage notes from the README file below:
  • You need to be on Windows 10 or preferably Windows 11 with its more simplified Windows Subsystem Linux. Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 will not work with this tool.
  • All fields need to be filled out before the patch will build properly, meaning fill out the base game information first before trying to build the patch for the base game.
  • Using DLC Unlocker: To use this unlocker tool go to the PlayStation store and find your DLC. Copy the link in your link bar and paste it into the text box below the example link and click build. This will output the file to the directory in the log window:
PS4 FPKG Maker GUI for Base Game Patch DLC Keystone Files 2.png

  • WSL Ubuntu 20.04 Required: If not insalled already, be sure to install WSL2 Ubuntu 20.04 via the button in the bottom left corner of the program. Or, install from the Windows App Store. This program requires that version!
Be sure to check the README file on Github for additional details and updates as they become available, and below is a demonstration video from Code masterv's YouTube Channel:

fPKG_Maker_GUI Demo Video

Video of fPKG_Maker_GUI with dump and install

PS4 FPKG Maker GUI for Base Game Patch DLC Keystone Files.png


@hajinagu same way using fpkg tools handles them. I did not change any of that. The most modifications to the tools I made was to hippies dump script. His script only looks for CUSA titled games / apps

I modified the script to look for any title name in the sandbox and I made different batch files to to launch a new ubuntu subsystem session each time its used. It also makes sure the dump script is in unix format to avoid character conflicts between windows and unix / linux just in case windows messed up the bash formatting. (dos2unix) is used for that.

Other than that it is all the same.

This just basically acts as a front end to Cyb1k's and Hippie68's tools. No need to open a bunch of programs / windows to dump and build game and patches. Tried to make it as noob proof as possible and the only downside is it requires windows 10 / 11 for dumping because of the subsystem ability. The fpkg building should work on windows 7 / 8 but is untested by me.
@mogicodemasterv so it doesn't use the Temp-Folder-Patcher.bat to change the Temp location?

I ran into a couple of issues when I attempted to install WSL dependencies through the fPKG maker.
'install' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
E: Unable to locate package dos2unix
Fixed by inserting wsl before the install command in first line and inserting a sudo apt update before the three install commands in installubuntu.bat
HI, to use this software do you just put in you ps4 ip address and port and have the ps4 game on the main screen on your ps4 and will it dump straight to external hard drive through the pc.. or do you have to have your external hard drive connected to your ps4.

cos the video does not show were the game gets dumped to do you have to set up any internet settings like to do this through ftp you have to set up your internet through this.

so do your just in your ps4 ip address and port into this software and have a game running on your ps4 on the main screen will it dump to external hard drive through the pc.

also do you have to install anything else like some other people have said online that you have to install other things to get this software working.

all theses devs make theses type of softwares wouldn't it be easier to make something for the ps4 like multiman that just dumps the game files straight to external hard drive that would be a lot better and safer typing in your ps4 ip address and port is a bit risky in any type of software.

how does this really work, i would like to see modded warfare do a video on this cos his videos show you it done the right way step by step.
@matt30 just your ip and start golden hen ftp. the port that is used is already set for golden hen :2121. then hit add

@hajinagu thank you for pointing out the typo but its should start with wsl --install -d <Distribution Name>. I have never used the temp folder batch file so I don't know what to tell you. If it is a one time batch run the i'd say run it if you need it.
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