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Today @dbaaz let us know in the PSXHAX Shoutbox that he just released a simple Windows application called PS4 FTP IP Set to change the IP address of PS4's FTP payload. (y)

Download: / GIT

To quote from the PS4-FTP-IP-Set

Simple program to change the IP address of PS4's FTP payload.

#Compile Dependencies: QT5

#How to use:
  1. Get the latest release at (Download
  2. Extract the zip file anywhere
  3. Open FTPIPSet.exe > Enter your PS4's IP address and click on Set.
  4. Send the payload file present in the same directory to your PS4.
You can use any FTP payload, however, some payloads do not have the ip address at the proper offset. So its best if the one included is used.

Initial Release
  • Initial release for Windows
  • FTP payload is included
PS4 FTP IP Set to Change IP Address of FTP Payload by Dbaaz.jpg



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when you just do standard hex edit file corrupts unless you add like padded 0's or some nonsense was driving me crazy. I decided to just match my pc ip to ftp
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