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Welcome GAME DUMPER 007.....

Following the previous DumpFile port, here is some modified code by yours truly! This was built of modified code all credits go to @0x199!!!

Proof of concept in pic, I just dumped Injustice check the time stamps in photo and enjoy. this tool dumped in 3 minutes.

Tip (I use a USB that has a led when the drive is active if you send the call and watch for the led you will know when it is in action)


1) Open ps4ip.txt and paste your PS4 IP in there.
2) Run GAME DUMPER 007.bat

All done. Type S to send DumpFileCturt176-backupPrep.bin


1. Load game for dump (Just load on home screen do not launch)
2. Go to web kit in browser (hit code execution: should say waiting for payload)
3. Hit the PS button to home screen
4. Start the game to be dumped
5. Let the game get past the intros to the start screen
6. Open game dumper and execute
7. Should have your magic in 3 min watch your led on your USB you are dumping too
8. Enjoy

Note: the game dump payload must be in the GAME DUMPER 007 folder

Download: GAME DUMPER 007.rar (26 KB)

Proof of Concept:
PS4 Game Dumper 007 for PlayStation 4 v1.76 by OhcHIT.jpg



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Cheers for posting this here @ohcHIT, I added you to the Authors page so if you wish to edit your 'vCard' that appears below all your articles you can add what you like and clicking on THIS link will display all your articles. ;)

I bet when $ony reads this they'll inadvertently meme your handle in emojis... :eek: :poop:


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so no need for the ubuntu and *** to make decrypting payload ?

how is that payload gonna select ie. CUSA00021 files dont we have to edit those every game we are going to dump ?

is the same question is this to decrypt the game files instead of ubuntu method or is it to copy the complete game files on a usb drive ?


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After the dump, we must decrypt the game before to install them ?
After dump: :poop:

1. Reset ps4 (so you do not get system memory errors)
2. Go to playground and launch ftp
3. Ps button to home menu
4. Load game disc
5. Open Filezilla and mount the PS4
6. Extract from sandbox! folder (copy app-0 from ps4 to hdd)
7. Copy extract decrypt files into app-0 (overwriting existing)
8. Change file name to XXXXX (put on root of a Usb HDD formatted in exFAT)
7. Enter stage5 on ps4
8. Send usb hooks payload, listen in on port
9. Enjoy!

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