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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 10, 2020 at 2:03 AM       30,166       44      
Following the PlayStation 4 Linux Scripts, previous PS4 Gentoo Linux Dev Updates and PS4 Linux Loader Baikal Chip Support today developer @iguy0 let us know he migrated Valeery's Baikal Chip kernel patches to the new Gentoo 5.3.7 kernel by PS4Gentoo! šŸ§

Download: (10.4 MB - Compiled) / / GIT / bzImage (7.15 MB)

And from the PS4 Linux

PS4-sources 5.3.7 + Baikal patches (should work for most PS4 versions)

In short this is the combination of and

It works phenomenally well on my PS4. I use PSXITA v2 with this kernel. Unfortunately I haven't tested on other versions since I only own a 2115b, but as far as i could tell from the patches it should work on ALL* versions now.

You are more than welcome to confirm this by creating an issue with the model and behavior.

  • = untested
Download: PS4 Gentoo Theme.rar (14.6 MB)
Download: bzImage (5.9 MB - new kernel for the updated archlinux drivers)
Download: bzImage (5.6 MB - kernel linux 4.14.93 for PS4 with Baikal Southbridge and edited rev ID)
How to Run Gentoo Linux on a PS4 (6.72 or Lower!)
PS4 Gentoo Kernel Sources 5.3.7 with Baikal Chip Patches via Iguy0.jpg



Works with Cuh-7215B but no wifi no ethernet no Bluetooth. i forked your git @iguy0. i will create a kernel for each console version i think this is the best solution for compatibility. any help would be appreciated.

I have good news I managed to contact iguy0 to resolve the problem for the ps4 pro 7215B. Hope revives lol we will finally have internet

For all those who have the same problem as me, want to give me your linux logs via journalctl so that I give them to iguy0 or else create an issue on github with your logs.


Anyone know about problems with CUH-1215 with Gentoo Linux? Or how to configure WiFi on this as pictured? Help will be much appreciated.

Is this a known issue with gentoo and CUH-1215 model of PS4

Any suggestions on a new linux distro for PS4 that is not PSXita arch linux and does not have similiar issues after install... including different distro needed on manjaro??


I'm looking for correct Baikal bzImage for my PS4 Pro. I have tested half a dozen kernel files but I'm still stuck with a black screen (White LED on ps) on 7.02, I have already disabled HDR, HCDP, fixed to 1080p, restart TV...

If anyone managed to run linux on its CUH 7116b ps, please share the files.