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This weekend @PepeCobain shared on Twitter a PS4 Gentoo Mod for RetroArch at Startup Guide to enable the multi-system video game emulator without a keyboard required and directly using a DualShock 4 (DS4) Controller with a demo video below from his YouTube Channel. šŸ¤©

Here's the English guide from PS4 Gentoo MOD - by PepeCobain

RetroArch at Startup without keyboard and direct with a Dualshock 4

Dolphin ishiiruka + Play! + All Core Emulator on PS4

Yeah you can load also GameCube games you heard well!! ;)

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You need:

B) Balena Etcher
C) 8BitDo USB dongle

If you need 8BitDo Dongle:
1) First you need download my PS4 Gentoo MOD - RetroArch (PS4Gentoo MOD) and extract it

2) Then you need mount your HDD or SSD on your pc with Balena Etcher, select my image and select your hdd/ssd and flash it

3) If you have FAT or SLIM model go to step 4, else you have a PS4 PRO go to settings and change video resolution to 1080p and disable HDR

4) PowerON your ps4, mount your HDD and go to Browser App, press option button -> settings -> delete cookie and clear WebSite Data

5) Go to this address -->

6) Launch Payload Linux 5.3.18

7) (Only for first time) exit from RetroArch, if you don't see Retroarch you are on Gentoo don't worry

8) Click on the lower left -> GParted (Partition Editor ) -> write password: ps4 -> select right-click on /dev/sda2 -> extends to Maximum Size - > click Resize -> click to green V to confirm Resize and click to apply -> click close

9) Click on the lower left -> click "leave" -> shutdown -> confirm shutdown

10) PowerON your ps4, mount your HDD -> go to this address -> -> Launch Payload Linux 5.3.18

11) Great you have RetroArch at startup , if you don't see restart ps4 and repeat -> plug your 8BitDo Dongle and press button to synchronize and then on your dualshock 4 (press share + PS button in same time)

12) Now you can load your roms in FAT32 or download "your ROMs ;)" and relaunch Retroarch

Special Thanks to mircoho, Masterzorag & EEEply, qwertyoruiopz, flatz, Specter, xVortex, Stooged, OpenOrbis, 5u770n, KiiWii, LightningMods, RetroGamer74, CelesteBlue, AlAzif, c0d3m4st4, EdiTzZ, Zecoxao, Zer0xFF, eeply, valentino, rancido, astromatik, fabien, cedasill, shim
PS4 Gentoo MOD - RetroArch at startup by PepeCobain
PS4 Gentoo Mod for RetroArch at Startup Guide by PepeCobain.jpg



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I put the img onto a usb stick, clear website date etc open up the www address and click on the link to load payload. it says loading files or similar but doesn't move on from there

will redownload linux build and see if I did something wrong at that step. This will work on 6.72 console

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