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This weekend @PepeCobain shared on Twitter a PS4 Gentoo Mod for RetroArch at Startup Guide to enable the multi-system video game emulator without a keyboard required and directly using a DualShock 4 (DS4) Controller with a demo video below from his YouTube Channel. šŸ¤©

Here's the English guide from PS4 Gentoo MOD - by PepeCobain

RetroArch at Startup without keyboard and direct with a Dualshock 4

Dolphin ishiiruka + Play! + All Core Emulator on PS4

Yeah you can load also GameCube games you heard well!! ;)

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You need:

B) Balena Etcher
C) 8BitDo USB dongle

If you need 8BitDo Dongle:
1) First you need download my PS4 Gentoo MOD - RetroArch (PS4Gentoo MOD) and extract it

2) Then you need mount your HDD or SSD on your pc with Balena Etcher, select my image and select your hdd/ssd and flash it

3) If you have FAT or SLIM model go to step 4, else you have a PS4 PRO go to settings and change video resolution to 1080p and disable HDR

4) PowerON your ps4, mount your HDD and go to Browser App, press option button -> settings -> delete cookie and clear WebSite Data

5) Go to this address -->

6) Launch Payload Linux 5.3.18

7) (Only for first time) exit from RetroArch, if you don't see Retroarch you are on Gentoo don't worry

8) Click on the lower left -> GParted (Partition Editor ) -> write password: ps4 -> select right-click on /dev/sda2 -> extends to Maximum Size - > click Resize -> click to green V to confirm Resize and click to apply -> click close

9) Click on the lower left -> click "leave" -> shutdown -> confirm shutdown

10) PowerON your ps4, mount your HDD -> go to this address -> -> Launch Payload Linux 5.3.18

11) Great you have RetroArch at startup , if you don't see restart ps4 and repeat -> plug your 8BitDo Dongle and press button to synchronize and then on your dualshock 4 (press share + PS button in same time)

12) Now you can load your roms in FAT32 or download "your ROMs ;)" and relaunch Retroarch

Special Thanks to mircoho, Masterzorag & EEEply, qwertyoruiopz, flatz, Specter, xVortex, Stooged, OpenOrbis, 5u770n, KiiWii, LightningMods, RetroGamer74, CelesteBlue, AlAzif, c0d3m4st4, EdiTzZ, Zecoxao, Zer0xFF, eeply, valentino, rancido, astromatik, fabien, cedasill, shim
PS4 Gentoo MOD - RetroArch at startup by PepeCobain
PS4 Gentoo Mod for RetroArch at Startup Guide by PepeCobain.jpg



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A Linux Loader for 7.55 was posted at the bottom of the news article HERE, but not sure how well it works.

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