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Following the ArabicGuy 4.55 Payload update and PS4 GTA V 1.00 Scripts Decompiled, today PlayStation 4 developer david1337hax released his PS4 GTA 5 Lamance Mod Menu v0.7 for both PS4 4.05 and 4.55 Firmware on jailbroken consoles! :D

Download: (838.78 KB) / (13.24 KB)

To quote from his post on NGU: This mod menu is only for 4.05 and 4.55 PS4s. It can NOT be used online. It was tested on both versions. Also this menu only runs on GTA V version 1.00. Also the payload will automatically activate the debug settings.

How to install the menu:

1. Go to your 4.05 / 4.55 exploit page and run it.
2. Inject the .bin with your injector.
3. Exit the browser (NOT Circle!) with your psn aka. home button.
4. Launch GTA 5 (Make sure GTA was not already running or else this will not work!!).
5. Success! You can now open the menu with dpadright & square.

  • Failed to detect GTA 5 - Make sure you load the menu before opening GTA 5, or you are maybe using the JP version of GTA 5.
  • No Notifys - Please restart your ps4 & try again.
  • Console crash after loading the menu - This happens sometime on the 4.05 firmware, just restart the PS4.
  • Freeze in the GTA 5 loading screen - This may happen if you're running a EU PS4. Here's the tutorial how to fix it (95%) made by my friend:
  • Options with "Beta" - They can freeze, but not very often. Just restart the PS4.

If there are any errors in the menu, please message me on Twitter. Thanks!


You can see the changelog after downloading the files.

  • david1337hax - developing the menu
  • vicodin10 - some help & a lot of testing
  • j0n4s_sincemodz - testing the menu on 4.55
  • RSPxAndrew2007x - testing the menu on 4.55
  • ignacio1420 - testing the menu on 4.05
  • john1337hax - dank name
  • 2much4ux - native caller, some help & debug settings for 4.55
& all exploit developers for making this all possible! :)
Cheers to DEFAULTDNB for the heads-up on this news earlier today! :beer:

PS4 GTA 5 Lamance Mod Menu v0.7 for 4.05 4.55 by David1337hax.jpg



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Are there known problems with EU Version? I just tried it several times on 4.55, but always receives the message "Failed to detect GTA V". I exactly followed the instruction...

Edit: I'm staying on Update 1.23... so that's the reason ;)


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I can load the bin with al alzif and it says to launch gta v and i do show debug. However, none of my fpkgs become unlocked

Also, the ladder climb and TRUE North vehicle spawn bugs are still present. The mod works when loaded as a second payload, but your video seems to indicate that it has hen built in. Thank you for your contribution to the scene. Great job
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