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Since his last update that can be loaded via PS4 Browser and PS4 Exploit Host, today PlayStation 4 GTA V modder david1337hax announced the release of Lamance Mod Menu v0.8 via NGU for PS4 jailbroken consoles on 4.05 and 4.55 Firmware versions followed by Lamance v5.05 support. :cool:

Download: (950.36 KB) / (329.06 KB) / PS4-Lamance_127_505.bin (1.02 MB) / Lamance_405_127.bin (1.02 MB) / PS4-Lamance_127.bin (1.02 MB - Fixed Menu) / (631.9 KB - PS4-Lamance_127_505.bin) / Lamance_672_132_.bin (1.02 MB - Lamance Menu v0.8 for 1.32 on PS4 6.72) via david1337hax / Lamance_672_132_fixed.bin (1.02 MB - Lamance Menu v0.8.1 for 1.32 on PS4 6.72) via david1337hax

Here's what is new from the Lamance PS4 Mod Menu 0.8 changelog included in the file download above:
  • removed stats editor testings
  • renamed "the something mod" -> "Dab Mod"
  • improved human torch
  • fixed world multiplier
  • fixed button registrations
  • added animation settings
  • added dirt level for cars
  • added burst tyres
  • added drive through walls
  • added vehicle vortex gun
  • added shoot blocks
  • added traffic lowrider mode
  • added your heading (car spawn)
  • added random entity (weapon)
  • added advanced aimbot
  • added toggle doors (veh)
  • added make it rain (moneyrain)
  • added minimenu
  • added super haxxor
  • added clown's gun
  • added 2 more protections
  • added vehicle weapon types
  • added locally invisible
  • added i am rich
  • added bomb wp
  • added remove attachments
  • added title movement (lol)
  • added vehicle hovermode
  • added get ps4 time
  • added ps4 build time, date, version
  • added rain fx intensity
  • added cloud hat opacity
  • added rockstar ps4 options
  • added draw blip gun
  • added quick alpha
  • added show talkers
  • added full model changer
  • added full components list
  • added lotto
  • added advanced boost
  • added easy spawner (car)
  • added location money drops
  • added dubstep gun
  • added full ptfx list
  • added add mp cash
  • added drop vehicle health / armor
  • added make vehicle storable
  • added disable vehicle horn
  • added vehicle rainbow neons
  • added vehicle police mode
  • added radio options
  • added object weapon bypass
  • added get headshot
  • added ped components
  • added red pulse
  • added walk clip (advanced / funny version of noclip)
  • added with preview vehicle spawner
  • added mini-lamance
  • added superman fists
  • added super rhino
  • added aggressive people mod
  • david1337hax - developing the menu
  • vicodin10 - some help & a lot of testing
  • j0n4s_sincemodz - testing the menu on 4.55
  • RSPxAndrew2007x - testing the menu on 4.55
  • ignacio1420 - testing the menu on 4.05
  • john1337hax - dank name
  • 2much4ux - native caller, some help & debug settings for 4.55
& all exploit developers for making this all possible! :)
PS4 GTA V Lamance Mod Menu v0.8 by seanp2500

Testing: NotAnotherMenu PS4 Mod Menu on 1.27 (FW 5.05) by david1337hax
Download: NotAnotherMenu_127_505.bin (1.04 MB)
Download: PS4-Lamance_127_505.bin (1.02 MB)
PS4 GTA V Lamance Mod Menu v0.8 for 4.05 4.55 by David1337hax.jpg



Any idea how to make this one or any other trainers work with the 1.21 or 1.23 versions of the game for the additional cars on 4.55 PS4? Thank you


Senior Member
AFAIK all are for vanilla 1.00 disc right now. The creator (I think) is considering portin for an updated version of GTA V, but doesnt have much time at the moment.

Yay dubstep gun!
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