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A few weeks back we posted on the GTA 5 Redux Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Mod for PC gamers, and recently ChoicesZ Bad (aka @BadChoicesZ) with the help of @kurt2467 (aka DexmodderFTW) shared a demo video of what they label as PS4 GTAV Modded with native code rumored to be called via the PS4 1.76 Playground. :eyerolling:

From the video's description, to quote:

Sample of GTAV Modding on PS4 1.76 FW (Spoofed to 4.06)
This is created by BadChoicesZ, and Kurt (DexmodderFTW)
Huge thanks to Kurt for his assistance/code.

Here's a snippet from the Shoutbox on the video demo:
As @VultraAID and @HYTR mentioned they may be using GTA V cheats, while @PS4HELPER123 points out the spoof'd native code is done via the 1.76 Playground.

If anyone has more information on this holla in the comments below, or it may end up the same as the rumored PS4 Jailbreak 4.05 did being 'fake' according to @B7U3 C50SS. :nolove:

Finally, below is what appears to be another PS4 GTA5 Mod via @PS4HELPER123 as well to examine- enjoy all! :closedeyesmile:
PS4 GTA V Modded with Native Code via 1.76 Playground Demo Rumor.jpg


Hey, A few things:
it is: 1.76 Firmware,
I used the Playground from
Spoofed to 4.06.
the Executed code just patches the elf, to enable calling of Natives..
Thank you for your video :)
But... why spoofing the FW when GTA 5 can run on 1.76 FW ?

Disc version. (never used psn on my 1.76.)

@B7U3 C50SS
I Spoof, because i do not like the 'FW update' downloading on my ps4 and when running the game, it starts downloading the update if im on "1.76" the simple solution is spoof firmware, so i just randomly spoofed to 4.06.. dunno where people think its 4.05 from. (clearly 4.06 in video XD).

and thank you @PSXHAX for the welcome. :D
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