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Proceeding his PS3 GTA V Scorpion Menu alongside PS4 GTAV 1.46 GFX Loader ELF & PS4 GTA V ProjectV updates, PS4Scene developer @RF0oDxM0Dz released via Twitter a PS4 GTAV Scorpion Menu V1.0 GoldHEN Plugin including v1.00, v1.38, v1.46 and v1.48 for PlayStation 4 Jailbroken consoles stating:

💥 Finally I finished the GTA V Scorpion Menu on PS4 (GoldHEN Plugin).

Download: PS4-GTAV-ScorpionMenu-V1.0.7z (6.53 MB - includes ScorpionMenu-V1.0_1.00.prx, ScorpionMenu-V1.0_1.38.prx, ScorpionMenu-V1.0_1.46.prx and ScorpionMenu-V1.0_1.48.prx) / GTA & RDR2 Discord Channel 🗣️

Menu features:
  • Two-player Mod (Tested on 1.46/1.48)
  • Weapons Editor
  • Handling Editor
  • Clouds Management
  • Supports 1.00, 1.38, 1.46, 1.48
Add these paths to plugins.ini in GoldHEN folder on PS4:

To recap: /data/GoldHEN/plugins

then add the prx path to plugins.ini for your GTA V Title Ids
PS4 GTA V Enable XMAS in SP Code [1.48]
int process_base = 0x400000;
void patchXMAS() {
 memcpy_p(0x096FEBC + process_base), "\x90\x90", 2);
 memcpy_p(0x096FF3E + process_base), "\x90\x90", 2);
 memcpy_p(0x096FF4C + process_base), "\x90\x90", 2);
 memcpy_p(0x096FEDB + process_base), "\xEB", 1);
 memcpy_p(0x096FF0F + process_base), "\xEB", 1);
 memcpy_p(0x096FF65 + process_base), "\x90\x90\x90\x90\x90\x90", 6);
PS4 GTAV Scorpion Menu V1.0 GoldHEN Plugin by RF0oDxM0Dz.png


It's outlined in the GoldHEN_Plugins_Repository (GIT), under Quick Start:
  • Add plugins you want to load into /data/GoldHEN/plugins.ini.
    • Per game plugins sections are recommended over putting everything in default.
; Load plugins for any title
; Load plugins only for Playroom
That said, from the OP you would create a plugins.ini file in /data/GoldHEN/containing:
woot cool beans man. looking forward to testing this out as exploiting and loading a payload every time i want to play gtav is kinda tedious, this automatically loads the mod when the game is launched (after you've loaded goldhen of course)
Finally got it to work,

needs changed to:

due to the '.' in the filename after the '1' for the version. so instead of '148' it needs to be '1.48'
@stinger101mg would be best to not have any '.' before the extension, I'm testing now

Edit: Can anyone else confirm this works? I've tried several times on 1.00 and 1.48 with the left on the D-pad and X as the combo and i get nothing. I am positive my ini and prx placement and version/region is correct.