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A few years back we had a PS4 Help section where members could ask random PlayStation 4 questions to get quick answers from the community, and then when we switched forum software from vBulletin to XenForo there wasn't a native Q/A solution so the import didn't carry over. :question:

Since then many suggested to bring it back, primarily because users didn't want their questions to become buried in ongoing article topics... so beginning today with the new XF 2.2.2 update it's returning! :)

To quote from the Sticky thread on how the new PlayStation 4 Help section works:

The way the PS4 Help forum section works is simple:

A member asks a question, then others can respond to it and upvote or downvote the replies until the original poster (OP) or a Staff member selects the best answer to the question.

Note: Only Members and above can interact in this forum section.

That's it for the moment, feel free to give the PS4 Help section a try and for those with a PlayStation 5 already we've also added a dedicated PS5 Help section now too. šŸ˜€

The PS4 Help Forum is Now Open for PlayStation 4 Questions & Answers.png


Not open for further replies.

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