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With the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo officially released now and in preparation for the upcoming OpenOrbis DevKit by the OpenOrbis Team, today @zecoxao shared on Twitter the first unofficial (per kd_tech) PS4 Homebrew FTP Server PKG made with it. :geek:

According to @CrazyVoid on Twitter to use it simply install the PKG w/debug_setting and run it... then use an FTP Client to connect the PS4's IP on Port 5000.

:alert: NOTICE: If you have CUSA00022 (Watchdogs) installed, this will overwrite it. Also do not expect anything to come up on screen, it should just be a black screen for now!

Download: EN9000-CUSA00022_00-FTPRELEASE000001-A0100-V0100.pkg (5.88 MB) / EN9000-CUSC00001_00-FTPRELEASE000001-A0100-V0100.pkg (5.94 MB - Repack for those with Watch Dogs installed via @PsHack) / PS4 OOSDK FTP Icon.rar (245 KB) via xforce505 / EN9000-CUSC00001_00-FTPFilezilla-A0100-V0100.pkg (5.9 MB) via @hyndrid on Twitter / / GIT / Live Demo via @LightningMods / OrbisFTP (PS4 FTP background app)

This comes following several PS4 FTP applications previously released including the FTPS4 FTP Server for PS4, and for those curious what can be done with FTP on PS4 such as Creating PS4 Backups via FTP Payload check out the handy PS4 5.05 Guide by MODDEDWARFARE.

:idea: Keep in mind the OpenOrbis DevKit PKGs currently can only be ran with a PS4 jailbroken console, so until a future PS4 jailbreak arrives those who already updated can try locating a PS4 on 5.05 / 5.07 Firmware to use them or remain patient for PlayStation 4 scene developers to work on a new jailbreak exploit:

šŸ”„ And from today's Tweets:

And from the PS4-FTP-System
  • Runs FTP as System Process, even after the browser closes
  • 5.05 ONLY port is 999
  • Bundled with HEN 2.1.1
  • No extra files are needed all files such as eboot are embedded into the Payload
  • Thanks Sony for making SysCore for me manually
Live Host here:

:alert: DO NOT Use on a TESTKIT :alert:


1. Specter
2. SiSTRo
3. Flatz
4. Xvortex
5. Xerpi
6. Anyone else

How install PS4 Homebrew FTP Server OpenOrbis PKG Unofficial via donatelo27
PS4 Homebrew FTP Server OpenOrbis PKG Unofficial Release.jpg


And some always says that do not update. There's nothing waiting for regular users.

Just update your PS4 buy a few must have exclusives or old exclusive on sale or bargain bin and enjoy that... or just sell you PS4 and get a switch or PS5 on launch day and never open the box.

Gonna grab ng FF7R demo later.
lmao imho devs are not gonna see a lot more homebrew 80%+ of the ps4 scene is waiting for a new exploit not homebrew, i say to the devs who are waiting on more homebrew if your not working on future exploits im sure there is always someone who is.
Imo, there will not be another jailbreak and is a waste of time to have a ps4.. mine is collecting dust for 2 years. with only a few games only on ps4, there is no point to have a ps4!!.. so you want to play games... buy a pc!! is better in every way
An untouched ps4 thats jailbroken can have many more options than just playing games. For example when I travel I turn my ps4 slim into a pc using gentoo linux for entertainment purposes.

I also have put inside my ps4 slim a wireless charger and a ESP8266, not just for offline exploit but to also use it as a way to use ftp offline. (BTW im using ps-phwoar V1.2) If you look more than just games, the jailbroken ps4 has a lot more uses than you think.

Yes, I also want a new exploit as well, but the developers have their reasons. If you dont have patience or a reason to use a jailbroken ps4 then just sell it or update it and keep quiet. (my opinion)
@mrtwinky Excellent. There is not much else to add. They are a plague of the ungrateful, who just want to play for FREE. Of those who, when they have already achieved an exploit, never ever return to continue contributing in any way to the communities. They are birds of prey that fill the crying forums as if it were an obligation to give them something to play for FREE.

These little children are the reason why the scene is like this. The only Homebrew they care about is called DO NOT PAY FOR PLAY.

They should silence or give any warning to those who only come to cry asking for exploit, or come to curse their PS4.


P.S. Sorry but I can't stand people asking for charity with a shotgun in hand.
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