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As we await further details on 4.55 PS4 Homebrew, following the 1.76 Music Demo, PSID / IDPS Demo and his PS4 Inner PUP Files Comparison today masterzorag shared a brief PS4 homebrew 1.76 LibOrbis animation demonstration video with the scene. :geek:

In his latest Tweets below, he states the following to quote: #ps4 #liborbis animation; I have to figure out the math bug included in my code, but for now #itsfine.

It's a starfield example drawing 1k stars moving on the screen: an useless homebrew that runs on 1.76, or a showcasing demo... for me just C.
PS4 Homebrew LibOrbis Animation Demo Video by Masterzorag.jpg


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.
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