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After seeing the PS4 Homebrew PSID / IDPS Demo and recent PS4 Animation Demo, today PlayStation 4 developer @ZeraTron shared some updated video demos on Twitter from his YouTube Channel of their PS4 Homebrew Sample WIP alongside code with basics functions for other 1.76 console owners to join in the fun. :hearteyes:

Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: PS4 Homebrew Sample
  1. Preview
  2. How to compile / run
  3. Credits
  4. Contact
  5. Known bugs / to do
Information :

This is still a WIP, and the code may be bugged or not working. I'll keep update this repo to provide the best code I can.

1. Preview :
  • Showcase #01:
  • Showcase #02:
  • Latest Sneak Peak:
2. How to compile / run :


  1. Install and build both ps4sdk & libOrbis
  2. Put the HomebrewLauncher folder in your libOrbis folder
  3. Build the payload, rename it eboot_plugin put it on a usb stick in a backup folder named CUSAXXXXX and plug in usb0
  4. Send the kernel_hooks with the elf-loader
  5. Launch Playroom, you should boot up in the homebrew
3. Thanks to :
  • BigBoss, for the basic libOrbis, and all his work.
  • TheoryWrong, for his help improving libOrbis.
  • Zecoxao, for providing me the kernel_hooks and eboot_plugin source code.
  • All the scene devs for their awesome works !
4. Contact :
  • E-mail: zeratron AT
  • Twitter: @ZeraTron_
5. Known Bugs / To Do :
  • Known Bugs:
    • A lot of stuffs are not working like expected, you get a lot of warnings when compiling etc...

  • To Do:
    • Fix and clean the code.
    • Add support for png decoding and rendering.
    • Add sound support.
Sneaky Peak (PS4)

[PS4] Homebrew WIP Showcase #2

Just an update from the previous showcase. RIP song, the one I used got copyrighted :(

Cheers to @hyndrid and @LightningMods for the heads-up on this in the PSXHAX Shoutbox today! :lovewins:

PS4 Homebrew Sample WIP Updated 1.76 Demos by ZeraTron 2.jpg

PS4 Homebrew Sample WIP Updated 1.76 Demos by ZeraTron.jpg


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