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Following the open source homebrew PS4 PKG Store from @Joaquin Salih (aka toxxic407) and his previous release, today PlayStation 4 developer @LightningMods announced on Twitter news of another PS4 homebrew store package he made with LibOrbis from PSXDev (now depreciated, scene devs should refer to OrbisDev instead) for those interested that own a jailbroken PS4 console. :geek:

Download: Store-R2.pkg (Latest Version) / homebrew.elf / / PS4 Store GIT / PS4 Store Remote FTP Tool Updates / Store Remote Tool GIT / Store_Remote_Tool_Android.Store_Remote_Tool_Android-Signed.apk (16.2 MB) / / Store Remote Tool Android GIT / com.darksoftware.pkginstaller.apk / GIT / com.darksoftware.pkginstaller2 / Infinix Package Installer Payload (Infinix.bin) / / HBStore CDN GIT by sleirsgoevy / PS4 HB Store PKG 2.0+ Updates

Spoiler: Depreciated

To quote from LightningMods on the PS4 Homebrew Store release details:

  • Downloads and Installs Apps whatever you want to add
  • Built-in Updating System no need to reinstall the Store PKG every Update
  • Optimized for Slow Networks
  • Hand Picked Software Libraries
  • Light PKG Size about 10 MBs
  • HDD Download Cache By Default
  • When at Main Menu O goes to the page before
  • INI Saving System with Native Floating Keyboard
  • Uninstall APPs straight from the Store DL Page
  • Shows if your INI is loaded from APP or USB
  • Temp Path - Select your Download temporary Path
  • CDN URL - Host your Own custom CDN using the guide posted or use anyone else's CDN
  • Background Path - Choose your own Custom Background PNGs ONLY, Background must be 1280x720
  • Load INI from either USB or APP
  • APP INI Path - /user/app/NPXS39041/settings.ini
  • USB INI Path - /mnt/usb0/settings.ini
  • Copies INI from USB to APP every APP Launch
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Easy n Simple Downloads
  • User-Friendly Error Dialogs
Default CDN:
Currently 7 Download Pages
Default Download temp path : /user/app/temp.pkg
Size 10 MBs
Default Background is: NULL (hosted by your CDN)
IP is Local IP Only
Source: Maybe released at a later date

Huge thanks to these people
  • SocraticBliss
  • TheoryWrong
  • Znullptr
  • Flatz
  • My Homebrew Testers
  • TOXXIC407
  • MasterZorag
  • BigBoss
  • Specter
  • Anyone I forgot
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How to Install & Setup Useful PS4 Homebrew Apps (6.72 or Lower!)

:arrow: Update: Sleirsgoevy (Twitter) has now shared a HBStore CDN for those interested in hosting a custom PKG repository with PS4 Homebrew Store.

Download: / HBStore CDN GIT

Here's more from the, to quote: hbstore-cdn

This program allows you to host custom package repository for PS4 Homebrew Store.


Before using this program you must run (download.bat on Windows) to download the required files from the official CDN.


From the directory containing file, run:
python3 /path/to/pkgs/
where /path/to/pkgs is the directory containing your package files.

On Windows, the command will look like this:
python c:\path\to\pkgs\
Note: superuser privileges are required to bind to port 80

To redirect the app to your server, create a settings.ini file with the following contents:
Then insert a USB drive with this file into the left USB port of the PS4 and start the application.

Note: you only need to do this once. If you want to use the original CDN, upload another settings.ini with:
:arrow: Update: PS4 Store PKG 2.0 Update Arrives via LightningMods & Masterzorag
PS4 Homebrew Store Package (PKG) by LightningMods.jpg


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