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We've covered PS4 Waker, OrbisModding, the JSON Format, PS4Database, OrbisTitleMetadataDatabase, PKGs via SEN, JSON Entitlements and PS4 Title Updates over the last few years, with HMN recently sharing a PS4 Imagemap project on Github to map the PlayStation 4 TitleID's to images alongside another dubbed PS4 Module by MathieuAndrade offering Gladys hooks for sending commands to the PS4 by developers. (y)

Download: / PS4 Imagemap GIT / / PS4 Module GIT

Below are the related PlayStation 4 project ReadMe files with some additional details on each:
  • PS4 Imagemap: Mapping json file for PS4 titleid's used by PS4-waker
Used by ps4 home assistant custom component
In addition, the Title ID can be discovered when viewing a game on the PSN Store by looking at the URL in your browser's address bar. For example, the URL for GTAV in the UK is:!/en-gb/games/grand-theft-auto-v/cid=EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL

So, its Title ID is CUSA00411
  • Netflix fr : CUSA00127
  • GTA fr: CUSA00411
  • NFS Payback fr: CUSA05986
  • COD BO3 fr: NPEB02266
  • COD WWII fr: CUSA08630
  • Minecraft fr: CUSA00265
  • Fornite fr: CUSA07669
If anyone is interested in contributing you can fork these PS4 projects on their Github pages above. <3

PS4 Imagemap by HMN and PS4 Module Project by MathieuAndrade.jpg



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Lol kinda useless to remotely wake up a ps4 when usually when you play your infront of it.. but good to see new apps none the less.... really hoping they find away to use game updates and dlc like in a fpkg format

some games sooo need updates since developers love to release unfinished bug laden games to stay on release date track.... just cause 3 has to be one of the worst releases for consoles since that ps3 game that was hyped alpha protocol....
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