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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Dec 13, 2015 at 2:26 AM       26      
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Following the previous update, PlayStation 4 developer CTurt has now confirmed the PS4 is officially jailbroken via PS4 Kernel Exploits with the ability to dump system RAM and more below!


From to quote, roughly translated:

Cturt through a tweet today, has confirmed that the PS4 could be said has already been hacked. We are still very green as to this issue but we have been having concurrent information.

Apparently it reports that could be effective for FW higher but that is waiting to be confirmed. For now, only those who are in 1.76 could soon enjoy their consoles released.

I was reading that console bundles of The Last of Us come with this firmware for those who still have not bought already have to start. As more information that WILL seep noted by the leave here.

Finally, from IRC comes the log below as follows:

[SorenAlke] here you-]NOR_DUMP.bin
[SorenAlke] bye
[toxuin] so. I've found a way to crash the system UI on ps4. Reproducible. Will it help anyone?..
[B7U3C50SS] it's useful to get a ram dump or so I've been told.
[toxuin] here's a video anyways:

[B7U3C50SS] okay. nice
[toxuin] it has access by url only, so should not come up in youtube search.
[B7U3C50SS] oh are you on 1.76?
[toxuin] nope.
[B7U3C50SS] i'm running 3.11.....
[B7U3C50SS] what are you running?
[toxuin] I'm running latest firmware, but this video was filmed awhile ago. I can still reproduce this on
latest firmware. Therefore had not urge to re-film this.
[B7U3C50SS] okay. i see
[B7U3C50SS] cool
[toxuin] I have no idea where to go from here with it but if it could possibly help anyone - glad to help.
[B7U3C50SS] try gettnig a ram dump or a dump of the kernel if even possible this way.. there shuould be a
targeted way of getting the kernel this way.
[B7U3C50SS] also.
[B7U3C50SS] well if you can overload the system you can try that..
[B7U3C50SS] i mean.
[B7U3C50SS] put in your usb..
[B7U3C50SS] asnd try it
[toxuin] I think it only crashes and restarts the UI, not reboots.
[B7U3C50SS] and* got any files from this ever?
[toxuin] Files? Like, from internal flash?
[B7U3C50SS] such as..
[B7U3C50SS] yes
[toxuin] nope. I play Destiny on it :-D
[B7U3C50SS] okay.
[B7U3C50SS] i'm gonna try this.
[B7U3C50SS] so yo ujust try connecting to the wifi overe and over on a wifi network? and you cause it to
crash loading it?
[toxuin] basically just start scanning progress twice before it finishes the first scan
[toxuin] it takes couple of tries to trigger
[B7U3C50SS] okay.
[toxuin] initially you have to be disconnected.
[toxuin] got it? ^_^
[B7U3C50SS] ;)
[B7U3C50SS] yeah.
[toxuin] cool!
[B7U3C50SS] wait like completely signed out?
[B7U3C50SS] or..
[B7U3C50SS] disconnected as in.. just that's it
[toxuin] doesn't matter for psn. It crashes when it returns from wifi scan and does not expect that
[toxuin] just disconnect yourself from network, go scan, quickly go back and quickly go scan again
[B7U3C50SS] k
[toxuin] let it finish and boom!
[toxuin] it will be unresponsive for about 2s
[B7U3C50SS] i think this only works in some connections
[B7U3C50SS] not mine. :/
[toxuin] try it couple of times. It took me 3 takes to film the video :-D
[B7U3C50SS] yeah okay..
[B7U3C50SS] but i still don't quite get th procedure.
[B7U3C50SS] if you get anything
[B7U3C50SS] send it up here
[toxuin] okay. What's that USB thing you were mentioning?..
[B7U3C50SS] i said leve it in your PS4
[B7U3C50SS] leave*
[B7U3C50SS] when you do this..
[B7U3C50SS] so you might capture some internal flash. like a ram dump.
[B7U3C50SS] or even better..
[toxuin] like normal flash drive??
[B7U3C50SS] hopefully if that's plausible.
[toxuin] why would sony do dis? :-D
[B7U3C50SS] do what?
[B7U3C50SS] lol
[B7U3C50SS] make that bug?
[B7U3C50SS] they don't know
[B7U3C50SS] about it
[B7U3C50SS] so don't tell 'em
[B7U3C50SS] ;)
[toxuin] if (crash) { dump cool stuff to USB1}
[B7U3C50SS] oh. i don't thin kthe ywould
[B7U3C50SS] i don't think they would.***
[B7U3C50SS] typos...
[B7U3C50SS] but.. it's always possible to get cool stuff from overloading it, right?
[toxuin] lol maybe. Me no kernel developer. Me code android.
[B7U3C50SS] lol
[B7U3C50SS] okay
[B7U3C50SS] any any good?
[B7U3C50SS] wow i typed any twice
[toxuin] I like my code. And I get paid for it. Does it makes me any good?))
[toxuin] I'll try to trigger the crash with USB inserted. Who knows whats gonna happen then.
[B7U3C50SS] okay.
[B7U3C50SS] maybe you can go one better
[B7U3C50SS] just try not to brick.
[B7U3C50SS] XD
[toxuin] :-D
[B7U3C50SS] :)
[toxuin] that would be sad.
[B7U3C50SS] yep
[B7U3C50SS] gtg for now


@PSXHAX just thought you should know that's PS4_NORDUMP.BIN is still not a ram dump.. technically unless the ram is the NOR. Because it came from a 1.76 nor dump but it 's supposed to be a "Decrypted" one. the @SorenAlke did it in IDA PRO. seems legit.
If you perform multi base system attack you can also crash the system and cause it to dump data directly to the hdd then from there your system shod be in a freeze state remove the hdd while system is frozen and clone it specific segments are not encrypted.
I have never came across a system that this does not work on Werner it's vita psp and avoids using any kind of webkit exploite
Yeah.. but his console isn't hacked.. so to speak. he isn't CTurtE he's just someone i talked to on IRC #PS4DEV @Efnet and he found a way to crash the console.. no biggie when nothing much to do with it.
Yeah.. but his console isn't hacked.. so to speak. he isn't CTurtE he's just someone i talked to on IRC #PS4DEV @Efnet and he found a way to crash the console.. no biggie when nothing much to do with it.
He found a way to crash but with this there is also a way to dump had the time to play around with it. Start looking around on github for the main Dev his program shod help you
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