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This month's PS4 PKG Game Dumps continue to expand from DUPLEX since the PS4 Jailbreak 9.00 Exploit release, and following the PS4 9.00 Payloads with GoldHEN v2.0b alongside Sleirsgoevy's Android Script comes a Flask (Web Framework written in Python) PSPack by MC-17 on Github featuring the pOOBs4 PS4 Exploit for v9.0 Firmware complete with automatic GoldenHEN v2.0b2 sending and other minor tweaks detailed below. 🎄🎁

Download: / GIT

For those in the PlayStation 4 Scene this comes proceeding the PS4 PKG Sender Docker Compose Web Server UI, Dockerizing Al-Azif's PS4 Exploit Host for LAN and Docker PS4 ELF / OELF / SELF / Test PKG releases and from the PSPack-Flask

pOOBs4 PS4 exploit for v9.0 + automatic gold hen


This is just a repacked psOOBs4, as a flask package with the addition of automatic sending of GoldHEN. Some other small changes:
  • Some magic numbers have been renamed (never looked at a PS4 bug before, and wanted to know wtf was going on)
  • Some additional logging via HTTP requests (not massively useful as can't do a lot in critical section, but useful for kicking off goldenhen send)
All credit to the team behind pOOBs4

  1. Download Python and install it, ideally 3.10
  2. Install flask python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run app python3 Might need to run as root to bind to port 1337
  2. In the command line the IP address to navigate to will be printed e.g * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
  3. Navigate to port 1337 on that IP on your PS4
  4. Same as psOOBs4
  5. GoldHEN should be sent once the server detects success via log messages
Help! It doesn't work on my machine
  1. Try again
  2. If you're not running 9.00, the exploit won't run. You'll need to modify the template to match your version, or just remove the if/endif
PS4 Jailbreak Exploit pOOBs4 for 9.00 Firmware with Automatic GoldHEN.jpg



Hi there!

I am trying to use this and everything works fine until the "Insert USB" prompt appears. I insert the formatted exfat usb with the proper img formatted in, and the notification it doesn't appear, but after a couple of seconds (more like a minute or so) the system restarts (probably due a crash). Any ideas?

PS4 Pro 9.00, by the way,


@JGn : I have an old PNY 16gb USB2 pendrive that throws this error every time. I then tried to use another pendrive and it worked flawlessly. I assume the USB3 point also has some importance. For short: not every USB pendrive is compatible.


As far as I can tell 9.00 Jailbreak is much more stable than 7.55 Jailbreak. Only caveat is that you need the usb stick every time you Jailbreak. Still its better in my honest opinion.

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