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Following the 7.50 PS4 Kernel Exploit (KEX) that was confirmed working with 7.51 and 7.55 OFW alongside updates to both AutoBackPort v1.11 and PlayStation 4 Tool Box v2.1.7.30, today @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) implemented @Al Azif's (Twitter) dynlib_dlsym patch earlier noting it does not seem to fix payloads while recommending scene devs remove line 525 in jb.c (included in the Depreciated .zip below) and recompile to fix the crash when forking webkit. :geek:

Download: (498 KB) / PS4JB 6.72 Live Demo / PS4JB 7.02 Live Demo / PS4JB 7.5X (7.50-7.55) Live Demo / GIT / PS4 Exploit Hosting Tutorial / PS4 Exploit Hosting Video Guides / Android PS4 Exploit Host / xPloitServer Host / Mira_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_755.elf and MiraLoader_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_755.bin (Mira for 7.55) / build.7z (48.12 KB - Payloads: Send Mira loader first to port 9020 then payload to 9021 via PlayStation 4 Tool Box v2 or PS4 ELF / Payload Injector) / build.7z (Mirror) / 7.55.rar (202.1 MB - 7.55 dumped kernel and modules) / PS4 Game Firmware Lists / 7.55 PS4 Games List / PS4 Official Firmware (OFW) Archives / Linux Loader 7.55 / PS4JB Payloads

Spoiler: Depreciated
  • PS4-Xplorer 1.29 Lapy.rar (62.4 MB - 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55) by Lapy05575948
  • ED1234-LAPY20001_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0129.pkg (Eliminates need to use firmware selection screen) / GIT via The Darkprogramer
  • PS4 Temperature 1.04.rar (45.6 MB - 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55) by Lapy05575948
  • Easy PKG Extractor 1.07 - Lapy.rar (50.4 MB - 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55) by Lapy05575948
  • PS4 App Lock 1.05 - Lapy.rar (48.7 MB - 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55) by Lapy05575948
  • (120 KB - Mira for 7.50 - includes Mira_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_750.elf and MiraLoader_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_750.bin) / GIT fork by LightningMods_ via
    // Backported / Changelog by LM
    // 3/16/2020
    "old" referring to the 7.55 offset
    #define kdlsym_addr_mountpfs__sceSblPfsSetKeys_hookA                          0x006D9727 // old 0x006D9757
    #define kdlsym_addr_mountpfs__sceSblPfsSetKeys_hookB                          0x006D9958 // old 0x006D9988
    // flatz disable pfs signature check
    kmem = (uint8_t *)&gKernelBase[0x006DD970]; // old 0x006DD9A0
    kmem[0] = 0x31;
    kmem[1] = 0xC0;
    kmem[2] = 0xC3;
    #define ssc_sceKernelIsGenuineCEX_patchB                   0x007FBF70 //old 0x007FBF00
    #define ssc_sceKernelIsGenuineCEX_patchC                   0x0084AFB2 // old 0x0084AF42
    #define ssc_sceKernelIsGenuineCEX_patchD                   0x009D31D0 // old 0x009D3150
    #define ssc_nidf_libSceDipsw_patchB                        0x003CBB38 // old 0x00316BD3
    #define ssc_nidf_libSceDipsw_patchC                        0x007FBF9A // old 0x007FBF2A
    #define ssc_nidf_libSceDipsw_patchD                        0x009D31FA // old 0x009D317A
    #define ssc_fake_to_free_patch                             0x00F66891 // old 0x00F66831
    #define ssc_enable_vr_patch                                 0x00D57EE0 // old 0x00D57E60
    #define ssc_external_hdd_pkg_installer_patch               0x009BC1C1 // old 0x009BC141
  • (119 KB - Mira for 7.51 - includes Mira_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_751.elf and MiraLoader_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_751.bin) / GIT fork by LightningMods_ via
  • perma-7.5x-uart.bin (149 Bytes - PS4 7.5X Perma UART Payload) via LightningMods_
As always don't update your PlayStation 4 Firmware until PS4 Scene developers have time to sort everything out, additional details can be found HERE for those interested and we'll update this article as progress is made. 🔥
To those having issues self hosting add ./ to the JS links at the bottom of the exploit html so like this:
<script src="./webkit-7.50/external/utils.js">
PS4 Jailbreak (PS4JB) 7.50 7.51 7.55 Work In Progress, Don't Update!.jpg



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⚠️ Warning: We removed a bunch of redundant posts asking what's already covered in the OP and banned several users... needless to say for security reasons we don't allow posting random 'exploit host clones' here... especially those containing obfuscated code, bitcoin mining scripts, ad-infested link shorteners, news feed spam or requesting donations because some asshat decides to profit from hosting someone else's work.

I'll be going through Twitter and adding those from trusted scene devs to the OP as time permits, until then avoid posting Tweets in the forum as we don't need 200 people spamming the same 5 Tweets repeatedly.

:alert: Those ignoring this checkpoint will be permanently banned with no additional warnings nor recourse. :alert:


I'm pretty new here and still on 7.51. Should I upgrade to 7.55? And what does Mira/Hen do? Is it there to load the games or what do these do? An explanation would be awesome, until now I just had Wii and Wii U devices, so if there are any similarities to Homebrew it would be easier to understand :)

But big big thanks to the awesome devs, really appreciate it!! :)


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@TECHNOFAB Looks like 7.55 is the slightly more "stable" fw amongst the 7.5x firmwares. Though none are very stable like 5.05. Most people usually use a website that hosts mira/hen payloads, which allow for accessing the debug menu.

There you can install fpkg games. After that you can play the game, but you need to successfully run the exploit every time you restart your console. Rest mode probably won't work so that is pretty much every time.


I keep getting
[!] Failed to setup a relative read primitive
Is this normal, and i just keep trying? or i am doing something wrong.

Also, Thank you super Devs
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