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What is the latest PS4 jailbreak? PS4 Jailbreak – the current status:


Today is the day ladies that we are putting our foot down on all Members. Since day one of the PS4 1.76 playground and PS4 3.55 Playground has been made. Exploits have been found and released for specifics OFW, members from all over the internet has joined our site to see the up-to-date development with the ongoing state or even keep spamming us with questions like "PS4 JB ever going to be made" or "Whats The status off one ever being made" and so on.

Today one member has got sick and tired off people keep asking the same questions over and over again (Note: Yes its very annoying).

So one member has gone out his way to help the community and help answer Members questions in a quick way by creating a spreadsheet.


Old Table

New Table
New Table.png

From this spreadsheet you can now look and see what OFW has a exploit, Playground and what Games Decryption there is and This will be able to answer all questions that people have just by looking.

|Current State OF PS4 Jailbreak/CFW:|


|Current State OF PS4 Playground:|
#~ 1.76 By Cturte ~#
#~ 3.55 By SpecterDev ~#

|Current State OF PS4 Kernel's:|
Only 1.76 Kernel has been dumped
#~ PS4 DEX Kernel 1.76 ~#

| Current State OF PS4 Dumps: |
#~ 1.76 File System Dump ~#

| Current State OF PS4 Exploits: |
#~ Multi Exploits {1.76 - 3.55} ~#

| Other PS4 Tools and Stuff: |
#~ Source Codes & SDK ~#
#~ Linux & Radeon Patches ~#
#~ Packages (Dex) ~#

#~ PS4 Updates Retail/NonRetail ~#
#~ Packages (Games And Apps) ~#

Please Note: Not everything has Been Added into the "State Off"


The whole site would like to take a moment to give these following People a massive Thank You without you guys PS4 Wouldn't have been modified..

nas - Proxima - flatz - CTurt - Red-EyeX32 - SKFU - fail0verflow - bigboss - Zer0xFF - kR105 - fx0day - SpecterDev - Fire30 - cfwprophet - m0rph3us1987 - lezek20 - Extreme - qwertyoruiopz

PS: Please do tell me if I added the wrong social Links to all the Developers. I have add in.
Would those packages of games/apps/themes be able to be installed after jb? Or would they need to be decrypted?

What I'm trying to say is could I download them now and saving them and install straight away after jb?

I'm such a noob and I am sorry for that :X3:
Sorry if i have posted this in wrong Category, also extend the Characters that allowed in a post please <3
Phenomenal job @VultraAID and everyone who contributed! (y)

Currently the message (post) character limit is set to 50,000 characters... did you really go even near that in this post? o_O

Let me know and I'll increase it if need be of course :cool:

The only other input I have at the moment is:

I moved this thread to the PS4 Jailbreak section and made it a Sticky, as the other section is for general Site Announcements. ;)

Also, I noticed most of your Dev's link to their Twitters except for a few you may not have had them for... here they are if you want to keep them all consistent (totally up to you):

Aside from that, once again AWESOME work / thread guys!! :D
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