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Following the JSON Format details, PS4 PKGs via SEN and the JSON Entitlement Grabber Add-on this weekend developer hosamn made available a PS4-JSON-2-SHA1 Python Script for use in checking the hashes of PlayStation 4 game packages. :geek:

Download: / GIT

This comes proceeding the PS4 PKG Integrity Checker for PS4 packages and the PS4 Title Update Checker, and from the, to quote: PS4-json-2-sha1

Generate SHA1 integrity check files for PS4 game PKG files from official json data. eg: JSON File:
Resulting files can be used to check PKG files with any hash checker like HashCheck Shell Extension.

import json
import os

# Change the working directory to the py file dir:

# Get a list of current dir json files:
for root, dirs, files in os.walk("."):
    # print(len(files), files)
    json_files = [f for f in files if f.endswith('.json')]
    break  # break after reporting current dir files and don't go deeper

# print(json_files)

for json_file in json_files:

    out_file_name = json_file.split('.')[0]+'.sha1'

    with open(json_file) as opf:
        data = json.loads(

    for i in range(data['numberOfSplitFiles']):
        piece_name = data['pieces'][i]['url'].split('/')[-1]
        piece_hash = data['pieces'][i]['hashValue']
        file_line = piece_hash + ' *' + piece_name
        with open(out_file_name, 'a') as outt:
PS4 JSON-2-SHA1 Python Script for Game PKG Files by Hosamn.jpg



SHA1 is a one-way cryptographic hash, thus this Python Script is used for decrypting the hashes which are somewhat like passwords within the PS4 PKG file, thus without this tool, the other alternative would be to apply brute force


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I take it it don't show for ofs pkg ? now we need some tool that will download the ofs pkg
and the updates and make our fpkg back to ofs and update them then make fpkg again
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