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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter mcmrc1       Start date Dec 14, 2015 at 5:59 PM       12      
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Now that's something to actually dig into.
Kernel payload injection.

[+] Triggering second kernel payload
[+] Entered main payload

Using ptrace, SceShellUI Process. Run a a thread on kernel.
Webkit process suicide's itself from FreeBSD xD
Check if the root account is caged. And it's valid x)

What a joke. It's sounds too easy to do!

I guess i'll have to wrap up ps3 and move on to ps4. Sony fails again (like usual).
Sounds easier then it is. I use pulse generators for triggering with an analyzer to see exactly what's going on and how frequent your pulses need to be set

I do have an idea on how to reveal data on the latest FW to break things from a prison and do a direct feed of data as the one in the download is encrypted at end segments. This is where you will find keys
@mcmrc1 THANKS for the update! :tup:

I added this to our main page now, goooo PS4 hackers!! :D

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New ps4 jailbreak is cool but im stuck on ps3 for a while. Lol, Come on second wind of development for the ps3!!!
Who says there isn't they decided to take the work to ode you can thank them for that and I will wait till then check out cobra ode
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