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Following the PS4Macro Utility and PS4 DS4 Controller to PC Mouse Python Script, developer @starshinata made available on Github a free PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter App that allows you to play games on your PlayStation 4 using a keyboard and mouse without any controller required. ⌨️🖱️(y)

Download: PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter Setup.exe (Latest Version) / / GIT

Here's more from the PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

I didn't expect a single person to find out about this repo but you guys somehow did, so I added a UI, made the configuration process more user-friendly, and also created a setup for those of you that don't know how to build the code and just want to play.

If you think something doesn't work or is not good enough, don't get too mad at me and don't hesitate to tell me about it in our Discord server or create an issue here.

(if you come up with a sexier name, feel free to give me suggestions [and no, I don't like "IPS4 X" 😄])

PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter v1.0.3:
  • PS4KeyboardAndMouseAdapter-1.0.3-delta.nupkg
  • PS4KeyboardAndMouseAdapter-1.0.3-full.nupkg
Change log:
  • Added mappings for L1, R1, L3, R3, and Touchpad buttons
  • Various bug fixes
How to use:

Just download and run it. It will automatically do all the configuration stuff for you (if you get into trouble and need help, join the discord server I linked above).

To-do list:
  • Make mouse settings configurable
  • Improve the UI
  • Fix a nasty injection crash that appears when dealing with RemotePlay that has been patched by another software
Why this and not REM4P?

I learned about REM4P's existence after I wrote this tool. I checked it out and I have to give props to the dev - he's done a damn good job. The app works good, great website, documentation, and tutorial. Things you might not like are: it requires a plugged-in DS4 controller at all times instead of emulating it, also it's paid, no trial, non-refundable, and the forums are locked for reading if you are not a member.

What this app does that REM4P doesn't:
  • fully emulates a ds4 controller - you don't need to buy one and keep it plugged-in
  • it's free
  • PS4Macro - Big thanks to komefai for making and open-sourcing this tool. I've grown a lot as a developer by reading and learning from his code, I'd never have started doing this if hadn't stumbled on PS4Macro. Komefai is MIA for 2 years and his repo is not supported anymore but you can still write pretty good bots with it, definitely check it out if you are into that kind of stuff
  • EasyHook - The best tool for Windows API hooking. Works flawlessly - from the assembly injection, to the hook trampoline code. I haven't had a single problem with it I had one but that doesn't make EasyHook any less cool
  • Jays2Kings/DS4Windows - don't need to explain that one
Cheers to MSZ_MGS on Twitter for the heads-up of this PS4 scene news earlier! 🍻
PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter App to Play Games by Starshinata.jpg



Hey guys, I'm the guy who made this converter. The early version was a bit buggy when it was initially posted. Sorry to all who tried it out but were left disappointed!

The good news is I fixed all of the issues already, and a lot of guys are telling me the newest version (v1.0.3) is working great - here is the download link for whoever wants to try it out:
If you have problems setting it up, feel free to ask questions on our Discord server.

@ProtoBuff, I wasn't planning on writing this app. I spent a whole day searching for a free and working converter in order to play on my PS4 and I didn't find anything except PS4Macro which is a great program but it doesn't have proper mouse support. I had a lot of free time and I didn't want to pay for a controller, nor for XIM, so I decided to use the code from PS4Macro as a basis for my own converter.

Can you please tell me the names of the free converters you've used? I'll be happy to add links to all of them in my github repo - this way if some guys don't like the one I'm working on, they can try the others!

I uploaded my code on github to help me with job interviews, I wasn't planning on a single person seeing it, let alone using it! Seeing a post about it on this forum came as a complete surprise to me. Big thanks to @PSXHAX for posting it here, much appreciated!


@mathijswedie, The lag does not come from the tool, but from the Remote Play app because it streams video. To get rid of the lag, don't watch the game from the PS4 Remote Play app, but instead connect your PS4 to your TV or PC monitor and watch straight from that monitor, there will be 0 lag because it doesn't depend on your network speed anymore. Thank you for the feedback, I'll make sure to explain that well in the Readme.

@TonicAndGin, nice one! I didn't think of that. I'll make sure to add it soon.


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I already tested it on a 5.05 JB PS4. The keyboard is working perfectly but my wireless mouse isn't. Does this not work on wireless mouse?


@Zeref, this is weird, it shouldn't matter whether the mouse is wireless or not. I'd love to fix that but I'm gonna need you to try out a few things to help me locate where the problem is. If you are interested and you have the time for it, contact me on Discord.
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