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I have a problem with the PS4 lagging when I turn it on, and when i go to the web browser and execute the hen. and after i press the PS button to go to the main screen the Playstation gets laggy. usually goes away when i start the game and i don't have issues with the games. the gameplay is smooth. But the ps4 lasts a few days then it requests that i have to do a software update and then i lose everything on it.

I speculate it's a database issue. but the problem is when I do database rebuild the games disappear and when i use the database rebuilder using PC i get issues and the technique doesn't work. and every time i use the clean up PS4 option on the safe mode the problem keeps going. And when i downloaded the ps4 6.72 update and but it on the usb flash drive i get an error.

Does the PS4 recovery firmware fix this problem?
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