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Following his PS4 Playground 4.05 Port and the initial announcement of PS4 Linux on 4.05 this past New Year's Eve alongside a PS4 Linux on Slim 4.05 OFW guide, today PlayStation 4 scene developer @Markus95 shared a guide and video demo of PS4 Linux Fedora on 4.05 Firmware with Steam and an emulators pack for those interested! ;)

To quote from his blog article on, roughly translated: PS4 Linux Fedora + Steam + Emulator Pack for 4.05

Thanks to @valentinbreiz who has released all the necessary tools to boot a Linux distribution on our PS4 4.05.

After several days of tests and a lot of galleys, I finally managed to run Fedora on my PS4 in 4.05.

Why did you choose Fedora and not another, all because this distro is compiled with some rather interesting surprises. Indeed, it already includes the 3D drivers of the team Failoverflow, a pack of functional emulators (Snes9x, PCSXR, and Dolphin) but also and especially Steam (PS4 DS4 Controller on Steam Tutorial).

You can play some retro games but also some games Steam (provided you have an account for the latter). It is possible to add other emulators or software (Paintown for example works ^^) and even your own ROMs.

Only one small problem, you will not have its unfortunately, but for a start it is already really excellent.

Fedora on PS4 4.05


You need:
  • The Linux 4.05 payload HERE
  • Rufus HERE
  • Fedora Fail0verflow HERE
  • USB key 8GB minimum
  • USB keyboard / mouse
  • USB hub (optional but practical)
Start by creating your bootable USB key with rufus respecting these settings:

PS4 Linux 4.05 Fedora with Steam and Emulators Guide by Markus95 2.jpg

  • Select the image of Fedora just download
  • Then click on Start
  • Once done, run the IDC kernel exploit on your PS4
  • Plug your Bootable USB key into the rightmost port of your PS4
  • Inject the linux payload 4.05 with NetCat mistletoe or other.
  • Wait ... If you have a freeze or nothing that happens on the screen, changed usb key, I had to do 3 different keys to find one that works
Thanks a lot to Jad67Tony who helped me a lot with this USB key problem ^^

Finally, below are some recent Tweets on a PS2Linux PS4 PS2Emu FPKG, which unfortunately only boots but doesn't install at the moment:

Download: PS2Linux PS4 ps2emu (1.37 GB)
Cheers to @TheOneAngel in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the heads-up earlier on! :beer:
PS4 Linux 4.05 Fedora with Steam and Emulators Guide by Markus95.jpg


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Sound? Lemme guess, AMD and their sound-controller-inside-the-gpu again. Not that we would have expected anything else. Would a USB soundcard fix that I wonder.

Shyt is now real. Best $300 living room system. Hybrid gamer Master race.

And then lag because HD 7790 is shyt. But shyt that can play hent- oops I mean JRPG exclusives.


CUH1004a is NOT compatible, i read in somewhere that is compatible but no, tried many times and different ways and always black screen, led of pendrive work, but stop after some movement.
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