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Following the Guide to Install PSXITArch Linux on PS4, Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux Updates, PS4 Payloads for 9.00 Firmware and the PS4 Jailbreak 9.00 Exploit developer Nazky (aka NazkyYT on Twitter) made available some PS4 Linux Loader Payloads for 5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.55 and 9.00 Firmware on jailbroken consoles in the PlayStation 4 Scene. :tree:šŸŽšŸ§

Download: PS4Linux Payloads (Compiled) / GIT / PS4 Linux Loader for 9.00 with Eeply's GPU Performance Patch Payloads

Those interested in supporting his continued development work can drop by NazkyYT's Ko-fi Page <3 while today the PSXITA team announced on Twitter they've also set up PSXITATeam's Patreon Page to support their ongoing project development accomplishments as well. :lovewins:

Here are the file contents from the download archives above:
    • LinuxLoader-505.bin
    • LinuxLoader-505-2gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-505-3gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-505-4gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-505-5gb.bin

    • LinuxLoader-672.bin
    • LinuxLoader-672-2gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-672-3gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-672-4gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-672-5gb.bin

    • LinuxLoader-702.bin
    • LinuxLoader-702-2gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-702-3gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-702-4gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-702-5gb.bin

    • LinuxLoader-755.bin
    • LinuxLoader-755-2gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-755-3gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-755-4gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-755-5gb.bin

    • LinuxLoader-900.bin
    • LinuxLoader-900-2gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-900-3gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-900-4gb.bin
    • LinuxLoader-900-5gb.bin
And from the PS4Linux-Payloads

Linux payload for PS4

  • 6.72 - 9.00
Why this repo ?

I just wanted to keep all PS4-kexec with fix in the same place, also i wanted to build payloads do separate folders.

PS4-kexec is the payload ?

NO, the kexec here is for boot a custom kernel the payload (main.c) here is for boot the os and kernel by using the kexec.

You can find a better explanation here

How I compile the payload ?

You need some dependence, you can install them with these command.

sudo apt install build-essential
sudo apt install yasm
Arch Linux
sudo pacman -Sy base-devel
sudo pacman -Sy yasm
After that just go to the root directory and run the make command

I have a error when I try to compile the payload

You can leave an issue or contact me on Twitter


sleirsgoevy for the payload, tihmstar for 7.02 offset, codedwrench for 7.55 & 9.00 offset

Cheers to LavaVex (Twitch) on Twitter for sharing the image below, and have a great Christmas Eve 2021 full of new PS4 Game PKGs! :kitty:

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PS4 Linux Loader Payloads for 6.72, 7.02, 7.55 and 9.00 Firmware.png


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