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Following the Puppy Linux for PS4 Leon Pup Beta v1 comes a guide from @noob404 of via Twitter on How to Fix WiFi / Bluetooth on PS4 Linux for PlayStation 4 Pro 7215B / 7216B (Baikal & Belize) with the MT7668 Chipset, including an update adding support for Fedora-based distros alongside fixes for some Debian distros and the 4.19 kernel shutdown panic. šŸ§

Check out the full guide on his blog linked below, complete with a How to Fix WiFi / Bluetooth Driver on PS4 Linux (7215B / 7216B) Belize & Baikal MT7668 video tutorial from his PS4 Linux YouTube Channel.

:arrow: Fix WiFi and Bluetooth on Linux for PS4 Pro 7215/7216 (Belize & Baikal) with MT7668 Chipset Guide
  • UPDATE 1 (8 March, 2023) ā€“ Support For Fedora and Fedora-based distros added, 4.19 kernel shutdown panic fixed.
  • UPDATE 2 (9 March, 2023) ā€“ Fixed Fedora driver looking for Internet connection during installation.
<3 Finally, those who'd like to support @noob404's continued work in the PS4Scene can do so directly via Noob404's Ko-fi Page. :coffee:

How to Fix WiFi/Bluetooth Driver on PS4 Linux (7215B/7216B) Baikal & Belize MT7668

This is a tutorial that shows how you could install the WiFi & Bluetooth Driver for MT7668 chipset on PS4 Linux for 7215B, 7216B and other models. This fixes the long standing issue of no WiFi and Bluetooth on certain models of PS4 that have the MT7668 WiFi/BT combo chipset. Special thanks to novice4321 for sponsoring and testing.

PS4 Linux WiFi Bluetooth Driver Fix for Baikal & Belize with MT7668 Chipset.png


You know what would be great? A fix to remove the Bluetooth restrictions applied by SONY so we can pair any Bluetooth speaker/headset to the PlayStation 4!

i hate SONY for this BS they pulled on both PS3 and PS4, i mean i can attach and pair any Bluetooth to my Switch why not the PS4?
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