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Following his S2 Mini Board Integrated in PS4 Modification and the recent PS4 BD-JB Presentation, a few months back @jose gozalez (aka josegar21481364 on Twitter) shared a PS4 Magic USB file pack with others for testing with their goal being to use the specially formatted USB device as a regular flash drive (to transfer PS4 PKGs, etc) while also using it to launch the pOOBs4 Exploit with GoldHEN v2.2.2 on Jailbroken PS4 consoles without crashes after restarting. 🤩

:idea: Among other circumstances, this could be beneficial for someone in the PlayStation 4 Scene with only a single USB device that wishes to self-host the pOOBs4 Exploit remaining connected while still having normal USB stick functionality.

Download: Magic_USB.rar (1.0 KB)

:alert: He cautions those trying it should make a backup of your PS4 before using Magic USB following instructions inside the zip:

  1. Flash exfathax_pico.img
  2. On PC, go to start, disk management, delete volume.
  3. Format in exFAT, FAT32, or whatever you want.
  4. Pass the System Volume Information folder to the root and overwrite.
  5. Launch the hack on the PS4 with the Magic USB.
  6. Activate FTP, go to usb0, and delete the System Volume Information folder.
  7. Connect the Magic USB in the PC and format the USB, so that Windows makes the new System Volume Information folder.
  8. Done.
Magic USB Test

Magic USB test, I leave the controller and the USB connected all the time, launching the jailbreak and restarting the PS4 without fail.. when restarting it no longer crashes.

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great work! well done, reminds me of when i used an ipod to jailbreak the ps3 lol

im assuming we can add other payloads to the usb and load those also?


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cool, interesting concept and execution. this kinda reminds me of dual parting my 2tb external when i had my ps3, 500gb was fat32 the other 1.5tb was ntfs. the key to doing this was making the first partition fat32, then parting the remaining one ntfs, it showed up as 2 drives in windows and whrn connected to a ps3, all the ps3 saw was the fat32 partition, this was a very interesting find of mine.