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Following the Mednafen PS4 Emulator PKG release earlier this month, PlayStation 4 scene developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) shared on Twitter a 2-Players Configuration Mod for the Mednafen emulator PS4 port by Znullptr (aka dmiller423) who recently set up a Github Sponsors Page for supporters of his work. šŸŽƒ

Download: mednafen0.2.rar (46.61 KB) / Mednafen_PS4.rar (31.61 MB)

Here's more on the release from, roughly translated to quote:

After a few days of research and work, here is a second version of Mednafen (a multi-emulators) including some new and not least.

Indeed, since the first publication, I decided to improve this fabulous homebrew developed at the base by Znullptr, by adding new features so that it becomes a must (if it is not already the case).

After publishing a first version of the .cfg, allowing the emulation of several retro consoles, here is a second version with its small batches of novelties.

In this update you will now find the mode 2 players for all the consoles of lounges (PlayStation, Megadrive, Super Nintendo, NES, etc ...), you can play 2 in your favorite games, the second controller PS4 is so now supported.

You will also find the functional keys L2, R2, L3 and R3 for the PlayStation emulation, but also the emulation of the joystick 6 buttons for Megadrive allowing you to play more easily Street Fighter II for example.

  • 2 players available for all home consoles
  • Functional L2, R2, L3 and R3 keys for PlayStation emulation
  • Functional X, Y and Z keys for Megadrive emulation (L1 = X _ Triangle = Y _ R1 = Z)
  • Added button select (L2) and inversion buttons A and B for NES emulation
To apply these new features simply replace the file mednafen.cfg on your USB key by the new available in this new.

Mednafen Emulator Update For PS4! Version 1.1 | 2 Player Mode Added, Button Configuration Support
PS4 Mednafen Emulator 2-Players Config Mod via Markus95.jpg


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