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This weekend developer McCaulay shared a commit on his Github for a PS4 Memory API Server which can be utilized by PlayStation 4 homebrew developers for debugging communication between apps. :geek:

This comes following other PlayStation API (Application Programming Interface) releases including a PSN API PHP Wrapper, PS4 API, PS4API Server Payload & Client, PS4API on Netcheat Fix, NetCheat API Update, PS4API Server Payload Port, PSN API Python Wrapper and the C Library for PlayStation API.

Download: / GIT

To quote from the PS4 MEMAPI Server


Edit the include/defines.h file to change the debug IP address and port to your PC.
#define DEBUG 1
#define DEBUG_IP ""
#define DEBUG_PORT 9023

Available Remote Functions

Function Key Description

Function Key Description
poke() POKE Write a buffer to memory at a given addrss
peek() PEEK Read a buffer from memory at a given address
getProcesses() GET_PROCESSES Get a list of running processes
getModules() GET_MODULES Get a list of running modules
getRegions() GET_REGIONS Get regions for a given process
getFirmware() GET_FIRMWARE Get the firmware version
notify() NOTIFY Send a system notification
searchStart() SEARCH_START Start searching for data
searchRescan() SEARCH_RESCAN Rescan results from a previous search for a new set of data
searchGetResults() SEARCH_GET_RESULTS Get the current list of results
searchCountResults() SEARCH_COUNT_RESULTS Get the number of results
searchEnd() SEARCH_END End the search
Thanks to 2much4u, CTurt, Kiwidog and Golden for sources / advice.

Compiled using PS4 ***

PS4 Memory API Server for Homebrew Developers by McCaulay.jpg


Sounds like the information these popular cheating apps are already doing?

Obviously this is more in depth though!
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