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This past Monday the PS4 MTX Key first surfaced for PlayStation 4 gamesharing on OFW 4.71 and works on latest PS4 4.72 Firmware, while today Westingames shared more pictures and a demonstration video of the PS4 ModChip known as the MATRiX (MTX) Key for those not concerned it will inevitably be patched once Sony gets their hands on the IC chip and examines it. :cautious:

Download: Instruction for PS4 MTX KEY (PS4 FW 4.71&4.72 Hacked).mp4 (82 MB)

Based on their Product Page it appears Westing Technology Co Ltd is located in China and is a wholesaler as they currently are not allowing orders to be placed for under two boards.

From the video's caption, to quote: Modify IC Chips MTX Key for All PlayStation PS4 Slim/Pro

  • Compatible with models PS4 10, 11 & PS4 Slim 12
  • 6x Wire Installation for an Easy Install!
  • Compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.71 and 4.72
  • Allows you to move your downloaded games to your Hard drive
To quote from What is the PS4 MTX Key?

The PS4 MTX Key is a hardware modification for the PS4. It allows groups of friends to share games between their PS4s with no limitation. In other words, one of your friends buys a (digital) game on the PSN through a shared account, then the whole group can play the game on their own PS4.

The only difference between gamesharing and backups is that initially, one of the users in the group needs to buy the original game, which can then be shared with a potentially unlimited group of friends.
PS4 ModChip MATRiX (MTX) Key for Firmware 4.71 4.72 Demo Video 2.jpg

PS4 ModChip MATRiX (MTX) Key for Firmware 4.71 4.72 Demo Video 3.jpg

Cheers to @Figure03 both HERE and in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news tip this morning! :beer:
PS4 ModChip MATRiX (MTX) Key for Firmware 4.71 4.72 Demo Video.jpg


Yeah, I'm still wondering if the method to gameshare on PS4 4.71 / 4.72 with no board required will ever come to light or even exists... if it does, that will sink the price these resellers are getting for the chips down considerably. :sneaky:

PS: I notice @flatz 'liked' this today, wonder if it's a hint :giggle:

this looks alot like it's using hot swap with deactivate before switching to mode B then activating. kinda reminds me of the old ps3 days of using a jb dongle
This is good news, but too much involved to gameshare with this method.... The wait continues........

Thanks for the info though......

Tip... How my son and I gameshare.....

2 x PS4, both set to primary.
Everything I buy he can play on his machine at his mom's.

No chip needed.

(Can't 4 systems be set to primary?)

Who wants to Gameshare with me lol. I have 2 slots left bahahahahahaha

How is this mod chip different? You still have to find someone who owns the games?

Anyway, thanks for the info
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