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Tested on IDA 7.0-7.2 and geared towards PS4 scene devs who haven't jumped to GhidraPS4Loader / GhidraOrbisTools yet, today PlayStation 4 developer @SocraticBliss made available on Twitter a PS4 Module Loader for Userland Modules following his recent PS4 Kernel Loader updates. :love:

Download: / / GIT

And from the to quote: PS4 Module Loader

SocraticBliss (R)

Major Thanks to...
  • aerosoul
  • balika011
  • Znullptr
  • Pablo (kozarovv)
  • ChendoChap
  • xyz
  • CelesteBlue
  • kiwidogg
  • motoharu
  • noname120
  • flatz
  • Team Reswitched
Extra Special Thanks for telling me my program sucks...
  • zecoxao IDA loader for reading Sony PlayStation(R) 4 Module files

  1. Extract the python directory into your IDA directory (overwite the files when prompted)
  2. Place the and aerolib.csv files in your IDA's loaders directory
  3. Optional: Install the latest
  1. Load a PS4 Module file (.prx, .sprx, .elf, .self)
  2. Select the option ending with []
Spoiler: Depreciated
If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to create pull requests!

To make the most out of this, we have to work together! :lovewins:

Download: (415.05 KB - patched balika elf loader that loads a xml with no lib entries addressed to it. and dynlib.xml converted from SocraticBliss's aerolib.csv)
PS4 Module Loader for IDA Userland Modules by SocraticBliss.jpg



More for developers/reversers, but its used to decompile/disassemble PS4 user module binaries, to get a better understanding of how the PS4 works at a higher level.

This isn't used directly to gain you a jailbreak, but can be a tool to help with that process.

Edit: Feel free to ask any more questions, I'll try to answer them as best as I can.
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