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Proceeding his PS4 Notify Function Reversing work and recent OrbisFTP PS4 FTP Background App, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @oldschoolmodzhd shared via Twitter a new Github repository PS4 Mono UI Research update detailing his Embedded Mono journey and reverse-engineering the PlayStation Highlevel UI for aspiring homebrew devs to learn from. :geek:

Download: / GIT / Mono Test PoC / OSM's House Discord Channel

Below is the concluding excerpt of the complete available HERE on Github by OSM-Made, to quote:


Now after two days I had managed to complete my goal of invoking both static and instanced mono methods. I was now able to call mono methods that were required to be called on the main thread. I now have set my sights on my next goals.
  • Refactoring my mono classes as they have a few issues at the moment mainly passing in pointers as variables.
  • Invoking constructor methods to create my own instances of classes.
  • Appending my own Widget to the TopMenu to begin work of drawing my own menu.
  • Making modifications to the current PlayStation user interface ie. Adding my own menus.
For now I am happy with my progress and I am very happy to share my journey with you all. I hope this has been an interesting read as well as informative. Hopefully it can serve as inspiration to others to learn more as well to contribute to the community.

Spoiler: Additional Tweets

Settings menu testing

Just a little test of the hook I wrote to make a new memory stream for the xml files that layout the PS4 settings menu.

Settings menu functionality

I finally got around to getting the settings menu to actually function :) Just need to set up an easy way to make this functionality easy to code for. I even got some of the debug menu stuff moved over soon no more need really for debug settings :D

Settings Menu Update

PS4 Mono UI Research for Homebrew Developers by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz).png



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This is great, this can lead to Debug settings on home screen and package installer instead of going to settings etc. Nice work.