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Proceeding his PS4 Notify Function Reversing work and recent OrbisFTP PS4 FTP Background App, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @oldschoolmodzhd shared via Twitter a new Github repository PS4 Mono UI Research update detailing his Embedded Mono journey and reverse-engineering the PlayStation Highlevel UI for aspiring homebrew devs to learn from alongside some Orbis Toolbox PS4 Payloads below. :geek:

Download: / PS4 Mono GIT / Mono Test PoC / Orbis-Toolbox-505.bin / Orbis-Toolbox-672.bin / Orbis-Toolbox-702.bin / Orbis-Toolbox-755.bin (Latest Version) / Orbis Toolbox GIT / OSM's House Discord Channel

Below is the concluding excerpt of the complete available HERE on Github by OSM-Made, to quote:


Now after two days I had managed to complete my goal of invoking both static and instanced mono methods. I was now able to call mono methods that were required to be called on the main thread. I now have set my sights on my next goals.
  • Refactoring my mono classes as they have a few issues at the moment mainly passing in pointers as variables.
  • Invoking constructor methods to create my own instances of classes.
  • Appending my own Widget to the TopMenu to begin work of drawing my own menu.
  • Making modifications to the current PlayStation user interface ie. Adding my own menus.
For now I am happy with my progress and I am very happy to share my journey with you all. I hope this has been an interesting read as well as informative. Hopefully it can serve as inspiration to others to learn more as well to contribute to the community.

:arrow: Update: From the Orbis Toolbox Github and Latest Build: Orbis-Toolbox

A modification of the PlayStation UI to help with launching and developing homebrew.

Alpha Build 1167

Please Note this is a pre-release build and is not inclusive of all features as some are still being worked on. As well please expect there to be some bugs that need to be worked out. If you have any ideas or issues please submit an issue on this repo :)
  • Support for 7.02 & 7.55 Confirmed working by testers. :D
  • Added a button to open PlayStation internal debug menu. Please be careful here if you don't know what you are doing don't press it.
  • Payload loader Daemon will now install with toolbox.
  • Daemon support is fully working. Should support older daemons as well like Orbis FTP.
  • Daemon bug fixes. Will check to see if param.sfo exists, makes sure key exists on param.sfo and doesn't show payload loader daemon here.
How to load:
  1. Load up your choice of HEN
  2. Load the Orbis-Toolbox-{Your Firmware}.bin payload.
  3. Navigate to the settings to start using the toolbox.

Spoiler: Additional Tweets

Settings menu testing

Just a little test of the hook I wrote to make a new memory stream for the xml files that layout the PS4 settings menu.

Settings menu functionality

I finally got around to getting the settings menu to actually function :) Just need to set up an easy way to make this functionality easy to code for. I even got some of the debug menu stuff moved over soon no more need really for debug settings :D

Settings Menu Update

PS4 Mono UI Research for Homebrew Developers by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz).png

Orbis Toolbox.png




This is neat. If it's similar to how I used to hack unity games, you need to find and call 3 or so functions to get mono to load your own managed assembly and from the managed assembly you would create a thread to run alongside the main thread.

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