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Since his Beginning Of The End PS4 Homebrew Game Demo PKG and the recent PS4 PKG Videos Demonstration, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) shared via Twitter a Windows Batch Script called PS4 Movie Maker v1.0 to convert / make videos into PS4 .PKGs for playback on PlayStation 4 alongside a tutorial from Markus95^^'s YouTube Channel below. šŸŽ¦

Download: PS4_Movie_Maker_v1.0.rar (38.36 MB)

Here's more from the release page at, roughly translated: PS4 Movie Maker v1.0

Here is a new little tool that will allow you to create a video PKG of your movies or other video directly viewable on your PS4.

In fact, this manipulation comes from Jose Gonzales who provided the necessary files to create a video PKG. So I took all that and wrote in batch a little tool that will automate this famous manipulation and make it usable for everyone.

You will therefore be able to directly view your films etc... on your PS4, there are however some clarifications to be made, only the .MP4 format is supported, you will be able to use other video formats (MKV, AVI, etc.. .) but they will have to be converted to .MP4.

The .bat includes 1 option (the 2) which will allow you this mandatory conversion and then automatically create the video PKG.

Option 3 will only convert your video to MP4 and not the video PKG and finally option 4 installs Framework 5.0 which is necessary for PS4 Movie Maker to work.

Video Tutorial:
[Tuto-PS4] Create a Video PKG

Enable Subtitles / Closed Captions and from Settings select Auto-translate to English.

PS4 Movie Maker v1.0 Batch Script to Convert  Make Videos Into .PKGs.png



HI thank you !!
I have a issue while creating a video,
ERROR in cmd...
The system cannot find the file specified.
Could Not Find E:PS4_Movie_Maker_v1.0\Tools\image0.gp4
Any help :/\:


Senior Member
@dolphinman I'm getting the same issue, moved the folder to C:/ also

Make sure to extract the contents into a single named folder, the issue is with breakages in folder name, the dev let me know on twitter.