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We've seen some MTX Key PS4 Game Installs recently, and today SAHIN OZHAN of Turkish site shared some more PS4 MATRiX Key ModChip demonstration videos on downloading, loading and selecting games with operation testing on a PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Check them out below alongside some PS4 Retail / DevKit MEME's as well! ;)

Finally, following the recent PS4 GenIDX Tool release and PS4 Debug Settings Payload updates below are some fresh PS4 MEME's from PlayStation 4 scene devs on Twitter:

Cheers to @Figure03 in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for sharing the video with us and @raedoob for the PlayStation 4 MEMEs! :D
PS4 MTX Key ModChip Operation and Game Testing Demo Videos.jpg


Not open for further replies.