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It's been awhile since his last update, but today PlayStation 4 Modder @MODDEDWARFARE is back bringing a PS4 Multi-CoD Tool 1.76 Setup Guide on his YouTube Channel with a PS4 Multi-CoD RTE Tool 1.76 Ghosts Overview from XeXSolutions. :cool:

Download: PS4 Multi Cod (11.7 MB)

To quote from MODDED_WARFARE on NGU: PS4 Multi Cod Tool - Ghosts/AW 1.76 Release

So I made these tools a few months ago with help from @XeXSolutions but I was using a private PS4API which prevented me from releasing them.

I have ported it over to use the public PS4API released by Black Panther and combined them both into one tool.

How to Use:
  • Open Web Kit Playground and start the code execution
  • Open the mod tool and enter the IP of the PS4 then click send payload
  • Wait about a minute to two minutes for it to execute then press the PS4 button to back out of the webkit and start Ghosts or AW
  • Load into a multiplayer match and add bots
  • Click Connect to PS4 once in game
  • You can then fetch clients and start applying mods to the selected clients
My Tutorial Video:

Showcase By XexSolutions:
Here are some screenshots:







Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for passing along the news tip on Twitter! :beer:
PS4 Multi CoD Tool 1.76 Guide by Modded Warfare and XeXSolutions.jpg


Heh, when a newer jailbreak comes that works with all the 1.76 stuff you'll be able to requote yourself with a smile :)
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