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After a long hibernation I finally got out from my cave and brought with me PS4 MultiTrainer II. 🔥

PS4 MultiTrainer II SHN, MC4, JSON & SHNEXT Format Trainer Loader by Shiningami.png

What is it?

MultiTrainer II is a part of the Reaper Software Suite for PS4 and its the enhanced version or MultiTrainer... in short terms, its a trainer loader that allow you to customize your gaming experience.

What make this trainer loader special?

Except the fact that it can load a multitude of trainer format (SHN, MC4, JSON ...) its the only tool that allows loading the new SHNEXT format.

SHNEXT... WTH is this?

SHNEXT is a new format that allow a deep control of the game data... it allows aob referencing, live variable editing and more complex stuff.

Better see how the end result behaves from my YouTube Channel:

New PS4 Trainer ShowCase

Where can we get the trainer files?

The tool will download public hosted file on request, but you can still add private or non collected trainer manually (you can find some in Team Reaper Discord or PS4 Game Saves Discord).

How can we make our own SHNEXT Trainer?

Reaper Studio is the software that alloc you to make debug games and make SHNEXT.
Release Link (Github Repo)
Credits and Special Thanks:

MultiTrainer v1.1.0.0

  • First Public Release
MultiTrainer v1.1.0.1
  • Fix discord address
  • Add attach overlay
MultiTrainer v1.1.2.0
  • Fix some trainer compatibility
  • Fix Section mapping legacy
  • Add AOB widecard support
  • Allow different CUSA enbling (use it at your own risk)
  • Disable only the invalid patch offset and not all the patch
MultiTrainer v1.1.3.0
  • 9.0 support
  • new UI
  • Fix item dictionary
PS4 MultiTrainer II Update
  • Fix legacy compatibility
  • Fix SHNEXT broken patch
PS4 MultiTrainer II Update
  • Fix MTV (Multi Target Variable)
  • Fix AOB data Type
PS4 MultiTrainer Showcase by Shiningami via @hejran7
Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Trainer Edit and Swap Items



Senior Member
@gothik1995 if your injected PS4debug is version 1.0.13 or upper the tool will just work normally you just have to attach the trainer and it will attach.

if the ps4debug you are using is lower version the tool will simply crash on attach


Great news! Thank you! @Shiningami I suppose the new Reaper Studio is the next version of your PS4 Reaper Debugger (Beta2)?

If so, will it include a much faster scanner, like the one included in PS4 Cheater, for example? Also, will it allow advanced debugging as available on Cheat Engine:



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@gothik1995 what FW are you in?

@pharaoh2k yes reaper studio is the new tool to debug (recoded from scratch) and analyse game code but it dont contain scanner it work in collaboration with PS4cheater (CTN has enhanced it a lot it will be stupid and non productive to rework something already good)

also reaper studio have some similarity with CE but doesnt try to mimic it so some stuff are done differently. once released you will understand.

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