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Following the PS4 NMount Payload & Guide and his PS4 Offline Account Activator GUI release earlier this year, PlayStation 4 scene dev charlyzard recently updated his Github repository with a sample PS4 NMount Syscall Hook based on @theorywrong's Orbis Application File Redirector OrbisAFR to aid homebrew developers in their projects. šŸŽ£

Download: / GIT/ PS4nmouthook-master.bin (5 KB - Compiled)

From the PS4nmounthook

PS4 nmount syscall hook


Base code taken from OrbisAFR by theorywrong.

nmout hook by me.
PS4 NMount Syscall Hook for Homebrew Developers via Charlyzard.jpg



Sony could really boost it's console sales if they release the keys up to the firmware they sell right now. They could clean up all their stock before releasing top AAA games for the PS4 and PS5 with minimal losses from unsold old titles.
But what do I know...


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They could sell 7.00 console like a pop corn if they are willing to share the key with us, since many factory is currently off due to wuhan coronavirus and at the end of this year they can sell ps5


@RiPPERD i bet they're not releasing because all they wanted to begin with was everyones money and donations. it has been over a year of them saying dont update, wait, etc and every time they tweet something thats "coming up" people donate more. they will never ever release it someone else will have to do it if it ever gets done!!!!