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So I have 40 GB left on my HDD. I am trying to install a 6GB update but running into the error: Not enough storage space to allocate a set of contiguous free area.

I can understand if my update size was closer to the free space, but with 6 times more free space available why do i see this error. I understand the common response would be delete few games and it would go away... but is there anything else which could solve this?

Also if i delete the .pkg under /user/CUSAxxxxx/ would that game still work (i am thinking it has been installed and .pkg file is for reinstall purpose if some corruption happens?). Would this way of freeing space work?

BTW i read you need game + update size to install. In my case game is 15 GB so game + update = 21GB which is still less than 40GB free. So that doesnt seem to explain the issue.


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i believe sony has a reason for making 40-50GB free space reserved, in windows reserved free space is used to make a page file something to buffer apps process, if you run out of free space why don't you move some of your games to your external drive


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retail games come in 4 gig blocks so a 6 gig game will use 8 gig of hdd space remove a 9 gig game and you will get 12 gig for another game to install to. Because fpkg are big they still use blocks of 4 gig but need to be contiguous so after a few installs and removes you can end up with a lot of 4 gig blocks all over your hdd that aren't full leaving you with few empty blocks together for new installs.

The blocks need to be contiguous for games to fit so its normal to have a lot of unusable space at the end because of large fpkg, to properly fix this problem we need fpkg to be in 4 gig blocks like retail pkg but debug settings dont allow this hence why we have to join retail pkg before install.

You can try booting linux getting your hdd key and defrag the hdd or like i do move games to a external hdd by install date ie if i remove a game i move games installed after to external then back to internal the reason i started doing this is because i had 200 gigs free but couldnt install a 90 gig fpkg so it can get bad if you do add remove games a lot.

if you remove /user/CUSAxxxxx/ you will delete the game from your ps4.

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