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While time for Halloween tricks is winding down, PS4Scene treats keep coming as @Al Azif releases more on Twitter following the earlier PS4Vibe PKG with PS4 Notifi for notifications, a PS4 LibLog PRX logging library and a PS4 Skeleton base package (PKG) for PlayStation 4 homebrew developers to utilize in their OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain creations! 💀👻🧙‍♀️🧛‍♂️⚰️🦇

Download: / GIT / libLog.prx / / GIT / IV0000-AZIF00000_00-SKELETON00000000.pkg / GIT / ps4-show-notifi.bin (4.75 KB) / PS4 Show Notifi GIT via GamerHack

This comes proceeding PS4 Custom Notification Commands, PS4 System Notification Types Detailed, the previous PlayStation 4 Notification Tools among other PS4-related template samples including Custom PS4 Theme Samples with Base Templates and Guides, various LibHB Sample PKG's, PS4 OpenGL Test Packages and OrbisGlPerf Samples, Dynamic PS4 Theme Samples, OpenOrbis PS4 Templates & Samples, a Docker PS4 Test PKG and another PS4 Dynamic Theme Sample Tutorial with further details on each of today's releases below:

:arrow: From PS4 Notifi Notifi


Adds a single function notifi(). It functions like printf however the first arg is the image to use (NULL and any invalid input should default to the default image). Examples are as follows,
#include "notifi.h"

int percent = 0;

notifi(NULL, "We are %i%% complete", percent);

notifi(NULL, "%s", "Having \"NULL\" in the first arg means the default image will be used");

notifi(NULL, "%s", "We can use line breaks too\nJust like this!");

notifi("cxml://psnotification/tex_icon_champions_league", "%s", "If you missed the \"Original\" icon");
You can use URLs in the image space as well, just try it and see if it works.

  • The image string is limited to 1024 chars, including the null terminator.
:arrow: From the PS4 LibLog libLog


A simple "do it all" logging library (PRX) designed for use on the PS4 using the OpenOrbis Toolchain. It should be easy enough to follow along with for beginners as it doesn't do anything "fancy," most of it is just conditionals/data formatting, and it's less than 1,000 lines.

Features include:
  • C99 standard, so it should be compatible with your code
  • Automatically formats output to display file and line where the log function was called from (Optional)
  • Various log levels
    • Set log level to display on-the-fly
  • Colorized output based on log level (Optional/Where available)
  • Logs to
    • Print (Simple printf)
    • Kernel (Kernel log, no hooks required)
    • Socket (Sent over UDP, does not wait for response or confirmation so it should not hang, but packets can be lost)
    • File
  • Include a Hexdump for dumping arbitrary memory to a human readable format
  • Include a Bindump for dumping arbitrary memory (Only via Socket and File)
    • This uses a separate socket/file setup so you won't pollute your logs with binary data
  • This can be debugged/tested PC side with the include Makefile.pc file. Just run make -f Makefile.pc to build with it.
Road to 1.0.0
  • Recreate C++ stream bindings
  • Document everything w/ examples
  • Release
1.0.0+ Plans
  • Automatic log rotation
:arrow: And from the PS4 Skeleton

PS4 Skeleton


A "base" package for those interested in creating homebrew with the Open Orbis Toolchain. It include functions that set up easy logging (via libLog), notifications (via notifi), jailbreaking capabilities (via sleirsgoevy's libJbc).

  • Be sure to change the PKG metadata in Makefile to something other than the default as to not conflict with other PKGs built upon this as a base.
Finally, from the PS4 Show Notifi via GamerHack: PS4-Show-Notifi

A simple payload to display pop-up notifications.

Only the notifications that I leave by default should be changed, it is also possible to delay the time to show a notification by editing the function sceKernelSleep(X); placing a number instead of (X) that will delimit the delay in milliseconds as specified.
#include "ps4.h"

int _main(void) {
// Init and resolve libraries

// Pop-up notifications to show
printf_notification("PS4 Show Notifi by GamerHack");
printf_notification("This is an Example");
printf_notification("This is another Example");
printf_notification("This is all, Bye!");
return 0;
Here is 40 options you can use for notifications. These can be used online and provide some good use. simply take the notification.db tab from your ps4 from FTP and edit the (URI Section)
you can also load custom images from links and there too work online. I never really got around to finish my notes as such, but hopefully others can find some useful and cool things, Another thing to point out is if you replace the app.db or notification.db
you MUST be signed out of all user accounts. The PS4 will auto update those files every minutes so if you replace one of those files when the ps4 tries to update it it will reset to factory. Use goldhen FTP and logout then replace. Here is an old link to backup i made for online.
If used online you must remove al-azif DNS and place the dns settings to auto for online ps4 to psn can connect: zCaazual's YouTube Channel
2 links
1 makes the messages appear below the 40 that are there.
The other is normal
Enjoy images are from 9.60 PS4 pro
These are all copy over from JB using the backup option. No jailbreak no FTP just edit/backup/install
All games/apps work from shortcuts from the quick menu. Add your own title, image and desc. very nice for online use/customised PS4
PS4 Notifi, PS4 LibLog PRX & PS4 Skeleton Base PKG Homebrew by Al Azif.png


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