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Earlier this month PlayStation 4 scene developer charlyzard released a PS4OfflineAccountActivator and now he's made available via Twitter a PS4 Offline Account Activator GUI for those like me who prefer using a Graphical User Interface. :)

Download: (includes PS4OfflineAccountActivator.exe - 30.5 KB) / ps4debug 1.5.bin / GIT / PS4Debug-LeefulPack.rar (62.53 KB - For 6.72) / PS4OfflineAccountActivator.exe (For 6.72) / GIT Fork by D-Pyro / (PS4 Offline Account Activator for 6.72) / GIT by GiantPluto

From the PS4OfflineAccountActivator

Activates PSN account on jailbroken PS4 allowing you to export save data to USB among other things. The offsets are for 5.05 fw version.

Requires ps4debug to compile.

Notes & Warnings

It's better to use this program on a new account. If you use it on an old account (with saves and trophies) you'll encounter these problems:
  1. You won't be able to use your old save files easily (the ones created before activation). They'll show as broken. Maybe you can recover them with Playstation-4-Save-Mounter.
  2. You'll have to delete your trophies (via FTP) because they will be signed with the unactivated account and all the games you try to launch will error out.
I repeat, I recommend to use a fresh console account for the activation, but do as you wish...

How to use
  1. Launch ps4debug on your PS4
  2. Launch this program on your computer
  3. Type in your PS4 IP address and click Connect
  4. Click Get Users
  5. Type the account id you want to activate on the proper text box. You can get your account id from the folder name of an exported save
PS4 Offline Account Activator GUI by Charlyzard (Barthen).png

6. Click Set Id & Activate​
7. Click Get Users again to check if it was changed properly​
8. If you used an old account with trophies then fix the problems in the Notes & Warnings section​


Made by barthen.

Thanks to jogolden for the great ps4debug and to all the PS4 scene for making this possible.
PS4 JAILBREAK PS4 Offline Account Activator GUI via seanp2500
PS4 Offline Account Activator GUI by Charlyzard (Barthen).jpg



Senior Member
@stripnwild I would suggest making a note of your system storage number and then delete one of the PS2 CUSA folders and then check the system storage number again to see if you gained any more space.

Another way would be to install the game again, then you would be able to delete it. That would be the cleanest way to do it. :)


Senior Member
@Leeful Quick question for you sir. With the recent surge of new games coming in, and the fact that I may have to use 2 external HDs, which method do you think would actually be the best. The offical Externded HD or AppToUsb?

I think one of the methods requires being plugged in a different usb port (maybe it is both)??? etc Or is that old tech and it is fine to use either?! Thanks :D


Does this not work with 6.72 yet? I get connection refused 192.168.1.X:744 from the offline activator but the payload injects sucessfully with netcatgui.


It's been updated to work with 6.72, as has the ps4debug.bin that's required for it to work.
To quote from jackkill on the changes: PS4Debug.bin for 6.72

Big thank you to GiantPluto on Github for the prerelease port to 6.72 and updates to PS4OfflineAccountActivator and to creator and @TylerMods from their discord channel for linking to the updated payload for 6.72. And Leeful for providing a working binary from GiantPluto for PS4OfflineAccountActivator on 6.72.

I use to jailbreak and load the binary (seems to be quite more stable than other solutions for now) I used updated version of PS4offlineActivator from charlyzard ( console and GUI version and they connect (.exe in repo not releases).

And I used this version of the ps4debug binary updated by GiantPluto: ps4debug_672_v2_from_GiantPluto-SaveMounter_Repo.bin

Activating profile works well on 6.72 on a ps4pro.


Well, I've just noticed that I can't install fpkgs with Remote Package Installer (RPI) after activated offline account on my 6.72. Instead of installing fpkg, console start downloading latest official pkg from PSN! :ROFLMAO: that's very weird...


Does it create a psn account id also for a new user? I created a new user on my ps4 6.72 and activated this new account with this tool, but when i try to register remote play with chiaki using name of the new user registration fails with "invalid PSN ID" error.

Luiz kun

hi @tewad28759, can i ask you how to get PSN account ID offline, i used python script but it return data look like not enough, for EX : qygFko9I6Vk= I think it should be 16 Hexa values. Is it right ?
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