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On this New Year's Day 2018 if you're looking for an application to send payloads to either a PS4 1.76 or 4.05 OFW console PlayStation 4 developer @AlFaMoDz of has it covered with his new PS4 PayLoad Sender! :cool:

Download: PS4 PayLoad Sender 1.76 4.05.rar (21.3 MB) / Scan Result (Note: Detections are by encryption).

To quote from his release thread on PS4 PayLoad Sender

Application developed in C # .NET 4.6.1 to send PayLoads to our PS4 in an easier way and with an interface to facilitate its use.


1. A Windows computer and .NET Framework 4.6.1.
2. A PS4 in version 1.76 or 4.05.
3. Internet connection (A wired connection is preferred).

  • Translated to several languages by natives.
  • Ability to add in the folders "1.76" and "4.05" PayLoads that you frequently use.
  • Custom PayLoads.
  • Save the IP to which you connect.
  • Selection of PS4 firmware version to change the port automatically and filter compatible PayLoads.
Future improvements in following updates.
  • Automatic saving of the selected language.
  • ELF Loader Host.
  • ZeraTron: French translation, help and ideas.
  • Tustin: Help.
  • BOLIBICK: Help.
  • DarkElement: Polish translation.
  • Blade187: German translation.
PS4 PayLoad Sender Homebrew App for 1.76 4.05 by AlFaMoDz.png



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CFW not soon to come out. Soon pkg install without license and elf loader for launch dump games on ofw 4.05
Question is if the methods used will be convenient enough to enable widespread use by mainstream.


I need a little help with the IP settings , i am trying to use FTP , from my understanding this replaces the Python method and i need the following steps
  • configure an unique IP to PS4 , Subnet will be , and the Gateway , Primary and Secondary DNS will have the router's address (example Does it need to be hardcoded in the 405ftp.bin or ftp.bin ?
  • test the connection with the payload sender (fails for me)
  • send the payload FTP
  • connect with a FTP software


Hello. I put My ps4 IP (not My Primary DNS). And i get an error when i push test connect...

What have i to use. Ps4 ip or primary dns in the program??
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