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Since the release of MakePFS and his PS4 FTP IP Set, PlayStation 4 developer @dbaaz put together his first PS4-PFSPKG-DUMP.bin payload called PS4 PFSPKG Dump that dumps pfs_image and app.pkg to usb0 which can be handy for PS4 4.05 game rippers to dump large files to their external hard drive :D

Download: PS4-PFSPKG-DUMP.bin / GIT

To quote from the PS4-PFSPKG-DUMP - Dump pfs_image and app.pkg to usb0

How to:
  1. Open the .bin file using a hexeditor and change CUSAXXXXX to the game id of your game.
  2. Open web browser, go to a exploit host page, and minimise the browser using the PS4 home button.
  3. Start the game you wish to dump. Wait until you reach the menus.
  4. Connect your external HDD to your USB0 port (leftmost usb port). Make sure you have at least 100GB free space.
  5. Wait until your PS4 recognizes your HDD. Then, send the payload
PS4-PFSPKG-DUMP v1.1 Changelog:
  • Increased buffer size
  • Use hexedit to change game id
:fire: In other PlayStation 4 hacking news making rounds on Twitter today, developer @CelesteBlue announced that he's working on a PS4 system update blocker without DNS that will be included in PS4-HEN-VTX coming soon for 1.76, 4.05 or any firmware that has a kernel exploit. :notworthy:

This means blocking PS4 updates via Sony URLs to prevent them from downloading so you don't have to go through removing them (if they were downloaded but haven't been installed yet) will be simplified so that even if the .PUP is downloaded, it can't install. :sneaky:

Thanks to @prreis and @TheOneAngel for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer::beer:

PS4 PFSPKG Dump Dump PFS_Image and App.pkg to USB0 by Dbaaz.jpg



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I mean absolutely no disrespect, but from the sound of it. this isn't providing everything required to prepare a final pkg. In every example i have seen you need to take content from other directories. Now if this is NOT the case, i would recommend taking the time to explain this more clearly.

Also.. if we cannot tell when its done, and have no idea how large it should be. Theres something to be said to this methodology not being as sound as the ftp option, i get the idea of not wanting to do additional things right now.. but i would have waited to offer this until it dumped all the correct files so people could actually get everything they needed in this step.

I don't think i will be the only person who will continue using the PS4FTP-VTX.bin option until theres an easier option like this.. which honestly either shows a status % or at least absolutely dumps all the required files.

If we have to go through the process of still grabbing certain things. this would not be a step i feel that would be worth doing in addition to the FTP. Its gotta be all or nothing tbh.

No disrespect intended, i can appreciate the idea of this and sincerely hope in the future it dumps the entire set of game files required to repackage a title, i'm absolutely interested in that.

But if i have to load the gamedump405.bin to get the library files and sprx files, it would be nice to combine payloads to force the dump of all these files at once. PS4FTP-VTX.bin would be the choice right now.


I want to give a try to this method. I have never released nor dumped personal games until now.

Basically i agree with mosb3rg.

Btw i have these games:
  • gow3
  • Uncharted 4
  • wolfenstein the new order
  • zombie army trilogy
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