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Proceeding the recent PS4 FPKGs, AVICII Invector PS4 DLC Unlocker PKGs and PS2toPS4 PKGs released in the PS4Scene below are video walkthroughs showcasing some extensive collections of PlayStation 4 games on Jailbroken PS4 consoles! 🏴‍☠️

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In the first video @tecniqueza on Twitter shows off his PS4 Pro sporting 1,200 games via CanalTecniqueza's YouTube Channel, and in the second video @grabman on Twitter tops it with 2,001 games and apps via Grabman's YouTube Channel noting the hard-coded limit for simultaneous games installed is 1,000 on the internal drive and 1,000 on the external drive. 😲

If anyone else has an impressive PS4 library of games and homebrew apps you'd like to showcase, feel free to share a video walkthrough of it or details on your setup in the comments below.

And I thought my Plex Server with 44TB (3x6TB, 2x8TB and 1x10TB drives) for streaming TV Shows and Movies was badass... well, actually it is. :sneaky:
My 23 TB PS4 Pro With 2001 Games & Apps
PS4 PKG Collections of FPKG Games and Apps Showcased.jpg


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