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Proceeding his PS4 Homebrew Vagrant Box release, PlayStation 4 developer justanormaldev recently made available a PS4 PKG Sender Docker Compose Web Server UI for @flatz's PS4 Remote PKG Installer that was followed by both a PS4 Remote PKG Sender GUI and a Remote PKG Installer Update. :cool:

Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: PS4 PKG Sender

This is a Docker compose Web Server UI for the PS4 Remote PKG installer


Install Docker Compose

Instructions here:



In the docker-compose.yml file, you will see inside the environment section:
  • PS4IP=
Replace (The value for LOCALIP) with the IP of the computer running this.

Replace (The value for PS4IP) with the IP of the PS4.

Folder to serve PKGs from

./files is the folder that will be used to look for *.pkg files

You can:
  • Move the PKGs you want available inside the files folder.
  • Replace the files folder with a symlink pointing to where the PKGs you want available are.
docker-compose -f /path/to/docker-compose.yml up

First, make sure the PS4 is running at the PS4IP and the PS4 Remote PKG installer is running.

You should be able to open in a browser (Replace the LOCALIP= for the one you configured)

It will load a page with all the PKG files it could find inside the files folder and their filesize.

Clicking on one of them will send it to the PS4 Remote PKG installer.

Introduction to Docker
Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the news tip on Twitter! 🍻
Download: PS4 Test PKG (6.63 MB - includes homebrew.elf, homebrew.self, homebrew.oelf and IV0003-BIGB00004_00-ORBISLINK0000000.pkg)
PS4 PKG Sender Docker Compose Web Server UI by Justanormaldev.jpg
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Not open for further replies.
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