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Following the PS4 Remote Package Installer initial release and PS4 Remote PKG Installer Update, today developer @Joaquin Salih (aka toxxic407 on Github and TOXXIC_407 on Twitter) let us know he shared a simple frontend dubbed PS4 PKG Store for @flatz's RPI which aims to be a PlayStation 4 Homebrew Package Store with an updated version utilizing pkgs.json alongside pkginfo offering homebrew apps and games similar to PS4 Store PKG 2.2. :cool:

Download: / PS4 PKG Store GIT / brew.pkg (2.63 MB) / / Brew GIT / pkginfo.exe (2 MB) / / PKGInfo GIT / Live Demo

From the original, to quote: PS4 PKG Store
:arrow: Update: From the updated README, to quote: Brew

This is a modified Version of Flatz's Remote PKG Installer with The PS4 PKG Store integrated into it. It is fully customizable (All of the Files are stored in /data/store if you want to create or install a theme)

You can host your own Packages and use them with this by modifying and hosting the pkgs.json as well as the .pkg Files somewhere and then providing the URL of the json file in the Settings.

Use pkginfo to generate the Files that are necessary to host packages.

If you want to build it yourself you'll probably need to modify the Makefile because I used weird Paths for my Files and install make (I got it through chocolatey) as well as any other Stuff that is required for the remote PKG installer.

If you messed something up, delete the /data/store Folder on your PS4 and then reinstall this App to regenerate the Folder.

And from the other, to quote: pkginfo

This Tool generates and updates the json file that is required to host Packages for Brew. This Tool uses LibOrbisPkg. To create a new File from Scratch: pkginfo.exe "path/to/pkg" "developer1,developer2" "" "category1,category2" "Description,line2,line3"

To add packages to an existing json file: pkginfo.exe "path/to/pkg" "developer1,developer2" "" "category1,category2" "Description,line2,line3" "path/to/pkgs.json"

The Program will generate an icon File, a JSON File and a param.sfo file. The param.sfo file can be deleted after the program has finished (I was too lazy to implement that part) The icon file needs to go into the same folder where the packages are located. In case of the example this would be a folder called "pkgs" because the server url is the json file needs to be put into /data/store on the PS4.

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:fire: Also making rounds on Twitter today is a PS4 5.05 demo video from CustomHooker:

PS4 AW 1.23 h4Xm0Dz and Ch3atZ 5.05
And from oneman123 also comes libOrbisFake which is a fake PS4Link for SCE ***:

Download: / GIT

PS4 PKG Store PlayStation 4 Homebrew Package Store by Toxxic407.jpg


Joaquin Salih

@ezio212 That means the device accessing the website and your PS4 cannot communicate.

Potential fixes:

1. Double check the Ps4's IP
2. Is the remote PKG Installer open
3. Is the PS4 and the device accessing the website the same network?


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device & ps4 with the same network RPI open ps4 IP I checked but nothing happens did i need to move to pc because i have trying with android


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early versions of the remote pkg installer are not compatible with this website due to CORS
What version could work

I try to get remote pkg installer from the help page get error message ce 34706-0 when trying to install I run 1.8 hen alazif host. ps4 5.05
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