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Following his PS4 Dump Checker Tool, PlayStation 4 scene developer @pearlxcore (Twitter) of recently made available a PS4 PKG Tool GUI complete with source code and updates on Github for those interested. :cool:

Download: (PKG Tool GUI.exe) / PS4.PKG.Tool.exe / / (Latest Version) / GIT

From the file:

This tool allows us to display PS4 PKG library, manage and perform various operations on PS4 PKG. I re-wrote many parts of this tool and changed the program versioning because the previous versioning is messed up. For new release I will start with v1.0. Some features is disabled as it not working properly and listed it in todo checklist. All suggestion are welcome. Report if there any bugs here.

This is not a software which allows you to get free PS4 game.


  • Scan and view your collection of PS4 PKG library.
  • View pkg info such PKG param info, PKG trophy list and PKG entry.
  • Rename and export PKG to excel file.
  • Check PKG update.
How to use Remote Package Installer feature
  • Open program settings.
  • Set PC and PS4 IP address.
  • Install node.js and http-server module.
  • If you fail to install http-server via PS4 PKG Tool, restart PS4 PKG Tool and try reinstall the module or you can install it manually using command 'npm install http-server -g' on command prompt.
  • Save and Exit program settings.
  • Launch Remote Package Installer apps on your PS4.
  • Select PKG you wish to install, right-click and select 'Send PKG to PS4'.
Todo list
  • Add DLC unlocker
  • Add DLC checker
  • Add PKG update checker
  • Add PKG backport tool
  • Add PKG header info
  • Add extract PKG
  • Add PKG hashes and signatures
  • Add feature to segregate PKG based on Category (game/patch/addon)
  • Add PS2 Fake PKG Generator
  • Add PS1 Fake PKG Generator
  • 'Hardisk Free Space' now displaying every available/connected hardisk partition
  • Add new program setting UI
  • Add pkg sender to send PKG to PS4 via network (WIP)
  • Add option to delete PKG
  • Add option for recursive folder scan
  • Add feature to set pkg image as desktop background image
  • Add new PKG renaming format to prevent renaming error : Cannot create a file when the file already exists
  • Fix issue
  • Fix issue
  • Fix "Illegal characters path" error while renaming PKG
  • Add new PKG renaming format
PS4 PKG Tool v1.1 Changelog:
  • 'Hardisk Free Space' now displaying every available/connected hardisk partition.
  • Added new program settings UI.
  • Added pkg sender tool to send PKG to PS4 via network. Splitted update PKG is not supported at this moment.
  • Added option to delete PKG.
  • Added option for recursive directory scan for selected PS4 PKG folder.
  • Added new PKG renaming format, 'longname' CONTENT_ID.
  • Fixed "Illegal characters path" error while renaming PKG.
  • Fixed some bug.
PS4 PKG Tool v1.2 Changelog:
  • Changed UI.
  • Reduced program size.
  • Added PKG viewer to view/extract PKG content.
  • Added new PKG info : PKG header & PUBTOOLINFO
  • Added options to uninstall patch, DLC & theme PKG.
  • Added program log.
  • Fixed "PKG already installed" error while attempting to install patch PKG.
  • Fixed minor bugs
PS4 PKG Tool v1.3 Changelog:
  • Added changelog viewer for patch PKG
  • Added filter PKG by category (Game/Patch/Addon/Unknown)
  • Added more title info : PS VR, PS4 Pro Enhanced and PS5 Backward Compatible (Thanks to andshrew)
  • Added file search option for file viewer
  • Improved ui
  • Fixed minor bugs
PS4 PKG Tool v1.4 Changelog:
  • Added x64 version.
  • Updated PS5 backward compatibility database as for 30/01/2021.
  • Fixed error when renaming pkg title containing invalid characters.
  • Fixed minor bug.
Spoiler: Legacy ReadMe (Depreciated)

Spoiler: Legacy Changelog (Depreciated)

PS4 PKG Tool GUI to Rename and Export File Lists by Pearlxcore.png

PS4 PKG Tool GUI to Rename and Export File Lists by Pearlxcore 2.png



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This is based on N1ghty's pkg tool.

This tool renames PS4 pkg files to the sony format (default) and readable name format.

Example :

Default format = EP4467-CUSA00409_00-OUTLAST000000000-A0100-V0102.pkg
Readable format = Outlast (CUSA00409) [v01.02].pkg
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