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Following his PS4 Dump Checker Tool, PlayStation 4 scene developer @pearlxcore (Twitter) of recently made available a PS4 PKG Tool GUI complete with source code on Github for those interested. :cool:

Download: (PKG Tool GUI.exe) / GIT

He credits @cfwprophet and nighty for help with the homebrew application, and according to repository's this Windows utility for PS4 Packages handles both renaming and exporting PKG file lists.

From the, to quote: PKG Tool GUI

GUI version of to handle PS4 PKG (rename/export list)

How to use

Load folder containing PS4 PKG. Select format to change the PKG name or export the PKG list to xlsx sheet

cfwprophet And n1ghty

PS4 PKG Tool GUI to Rename and Export File Lists by Pearlxcore.png


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