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Following his PS4 Dump Checker Tool, PlayStation 4 scene developer @pearlxcore (Twitter) of recently made available a PS4 PKG Tool GUI complete with source code on Github for those interested. :cool:

Download: (PKG Tool GUI.exe) / PS4.PKG.Tool.exe (Latest Version) / GIT

He credits @cfwprophet and nighty for help with the homebrew application, and according to repository's this Windows utility for PS4 Packages handles both renaming and exporting PKG file lists.

From the, to quote: PKG Tool GUI

GUI version of to handle PS4 PKG (rename/export list)

  • View PKG in gridview
  • View param info, trophy list
  • Rename and export PKG
  • Check update and addon
  • View and extract unencrypted content
  • View and extract PKG image
  • Generate addon unlocker FPKG
How to use

Load folder containing PS4 PKG. Select format to change the PKG name or export the PKG list to xlsx sheet


cfwprophet and n1ghty
PS4 PKG Tool GUI to Rename and Export File Lists by Pearlxcore.png

PS4 PKG Tool GUI to Rename and Export File Lists by Pearlxcore 2.png



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What do you mean by cant paste file address. Just click button to select folder.

For subfolder not supported yet. Will be added soon.

No. This tool only change pkg name format and export pkg list to excel readable.

It may take a long time to hash big files or if you still want it just use any md5 calculator tool and compare.


A small bug, maybe? The script in rename.exe receives the wrong arguments if you're using a folder which has spaces in the name (e.g. PlayStation 4 Games).

Also, it would be nice to add more renaming options, like TITLE_ID first and then the actual name. This would be useful when renaming themes, since the fix always has the same name, "FIX Permanent Theme", and it would be a mess to search for the title id to see the fix for each corresponding theme. This way the files are sorted alphabetically. Just a thought.


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Noted, will check that later. I overlooked the issue as I don't have much theme pkg to test. :(

For now I'm adding option to include subfolder. Also the tools need to filter only ps4 pkg. Still thinking the best way to do it. Due to my limited knowledge, these will take some time to solve.

Thanks for your feedback. :)


It's not an issue, it's a feature. ;)
Yes, only pkg files, I understand that (both the theme and the fix are package files, no problems here).

I tested some options and I believe there's and easy fix for both "problems".

I don't know how you pass the arguments from your tool to the three .exe apps, but you should put the absolute file path between " ". This way you shouldn't worry about spaces (this is probably why the -r argument for subdirectories doesn't work as intended).

As for the extra renaming options to add for CUSTOM_FORMAT, just switch/move around the %% parameters from the readable name format.

This is an example that worked perfectly for me (folders with spaces, subfolders, custom name format):
rename1.exe "E:\PlayStation 4 Games\test" -c "(%TITLE_ID%) %TITLE%" -d -r -1
But I still can't figure it out why the need for two programs for renaming the files (rename1.exe and rename2.exe)
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